Cheers to a Colorado Springs mom who helped create a beautiful new music video that raises “disability visibility.”

Carve out four minutes to watch SPACES. It will be a highlight of your day — promise! (This is not a sponsored post. We are writing about it simply because we believe in the message. This video is important and inspiring.)

Amazing Mama

Local mom Cory Jacobson has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare, progressive neuromuscular disease. A motivational speaker, she also helps run an 11,000-member Facebook group SMA Support System. This mother to two daughters and foster parent has made it a mission to highlight the joys and challenges of disabled parenting. She is working toward her B.S. in psychology.

In addition to her own experiences with SMA, Cory also has a sister with the disease.

Cory joined others within the SMA community from concept to creation on the song. She and her family are featured in the music video.

“We got to work with music producers (fan girl moment – one of the producers worked with the Backstreet Boys) and create a beautiful and trendy song. … I am so excited to share this project with all of you!” Cory said.

Disability Visibility

About 25 percent of adults in America have a physical or psychological disability. SPACES hopes to spark dialogue about disability representation. Biotech firm Genentech sponsored the project as part of the SMA My Way program, which supports and raises awareness for the SMA community.

SMA is a rare disease that affects nerve cells in the spinal cord that control muscles and other tissues. It leads to weaknesses that can affect walking and other movements. The condition affects about one in 10,000 babies and causes difficulty with basic life functions such as breathing, swallowing and walking.

Members of the SMA community created SPACES for that community, as well as for the broader disability community. The project aims to encourage the general population to see and hear disabled people — to celebrate their talents and achievements. To recognize that disabled people belong in all spaces.

Singer/songwriter James Ian performed the song, Hollywood consultant and filmmaker Dominick Evans directed the video, and Zarek Elizondo created the SPACES album art. All of them live with SMA.

Cory is a former contributor to Colorado Springs Mom Collective and we are so proud to call her a friend.