Remember When…


Today, I was at King Soopers doing my normal weekly grocery run. I was alone; my husband was at home and my 16-year-old son at work. 

Near the bakery, I saw a man with his son. His son was decked out in full Denver Broncos wear: shorts, shirt and a bright orange foam horse head hat. It was great! I happily walked by them and then suddenly my heart began to hurt. 

My son used to do stuff like that.

Since my kiddo was about five years old, he’s been obsessed with football, especially the Broncos. He had all kinds of Bronco apparel and loved to wear it all on the same day. He would dress in Broncos shorts, shirt, hat and socks. For a while, he even had blue and orange tennis shoes!

People noticed everywhere we went and he got a lot of “Are you a Broncos fan?” from smiling strangers. He would grin and his friendly, social self enjoyed the attention. 

When I saw this nine-year-old kid with his dad at the store, it transported me back into my past when it was me walking next to the fan-fanatic kid. 

And it filled me with longing. 

Longing for the easier moments of parenting. Longing for simpler times and smaller problems. Longing for a time when wearing a Broncos outfit made it a good day. 

Because mamas, parenting a teenager is rough sometimes. 

It was good for my heart to remember that my son used to be this kid that I still hold in my heart. He still is that kid, still my kid. My most precious child that I’ve watched sleep, prayed for, and ferociously loved. He will always be my most precious son, no matter what happens.

So, if things are rough around your house today, take a moment to remember. Remember the previous versions of your kids; look at some pictures of them during this time. Contemplate your deep-rooted love for them. As moms, our best job is to love our babies, no matter the age and no matter the stage. 



  1. Such a great reminder! Parenting teens can be tough. But also so rewarding! Thanks for the wonderful article!

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