Jenny, Senior Writer

Jenny grew up in South Dakota, right by Mt. Rushmore, but is now firmly rooted in Colorado Springs with her husband and their two going on twelve year old daughter. She works in water engineering/water law and helps to ensure Colorado Springs residents have water for the next fifty years. When she finds spare time she loves lingering over good food with family and friends, being over ambitious with creative pursuits, playing piano, and reading.

Wishing We Weren’t Done: Letting the Baby Things Go after Infertility

We didn't need the space, really, but I couldn't bear to hold onto the collection of baby things our four-year-old had outgrown. The spare room closet was full of clear plastic totes. Each of...

Equipment that Makes Baking More Fun

While I would never dare audition for any Great National Bake-Off competition, the thought of a store-bought birthday cake does make me twitch. And I love having a variety of baked goods nestled in...

Mama’s Got to Move it, Move it: I Have Finally Found My Workout

2020 has been a bit of a garbage year, but there has been one unexpected benefit – this mama finally found a way to move it. We all know the benefits of a workout. Reduced...

Kitchen Tools that make Everyday Cooking Better

Since March, I have spent more time in my kitchen than I thought possible. I’m sure a lot of other moms are feeling it. Breakfast, lunch dinner — all the food, 24/7. And trying...
prepare for grief

Can You Prepare for Grief?

One of my favorite lines from fiction is “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Like Anne of Green Gables, I love Octobers. I love the soft light filtering...

What Kind of Bird? What Kind of Bird?

“What kind of bird? What kind of bird?” my dad would call out quickly as soon as he heard the trill of a bird. Growing up with a game warden meant being able to identify...

Of Mothers and Pearls

When I want to be reminded that I am brave and can do hard things, I wear pearls. It seems rather counterintuitive. For years, I associated pearl necklaces with home-bound housewives from the 1950s,...

Don’t Borrow Trouble: How this Gold-Medal Worrier Started Worrying Less

Hi, my name is Jenny, and I am a recovering worrier. More than half of my life has been spent deep in the pits of worry. I was the toddler who hated going to daycare...
Laundry Room 4

Laundry Room Makeover

One of the things that sold me on our current home was the location of the laundry room. "Room" is generous – it's an over-sized closet conveniently located in the loft and by the...

Second Time Around: Infertility Doesn’t Get Easier

I have less desire to carve out time from my full-time job to go to countless appointments where I try, and fail, to modestly cover myself in a too-small paper drape in preparation for physically intrusive examinations. Where even though my doctor's office is filled with caring professionals I leave feeling more like a broken incubator than a person.