Julie is a Midwest girl who moved to Colorado Springs as a newlywed in search of adventure. Over 16 years later, Julie and her husband Noah can’t imagine living anywhere else! Three creative and energetic daughters – Avary (10), Evelyn (8), and Piper (6) – know how to bring the fun…and the drama! An infant son – Everett – brings joy and a growing sense of boyhood charm. As a surprised-to-be-homeschooling mom, Julie’s days are filled with opportunities to nurture little souls, making lots of mistakes, learning how to ask for forgiveness, and finding opportunities to bless others. As a part-time grant writer for a local non-profit, Julie loves contributing to community efforts focused on serving our Colorado Springs neighbors in need. When blessed with a bit of free time, you can find Julie exploring one of our city’s beautiful hiking trails, swinging kettlebells, making a list for tomorrow (let’s be honest!), engaged in a heart-to-heart with a girlfriend, or enjoying conversation with her very kind husband.
woman in a black sweater holding a heart made out of snow

Surviving Long Winter Days

Though they love when I plan Pinterest-worthy crafts, they are just as happy with simpler art projects. The beginning of the year is a great time to empty out your pantry. A little glue and construction paper can transform leftover pasta, rice and dried beans into beautiful artwork. Budding chefs will enjoy making “soup” with a bowlful of snow and leftover cereal and food coloring.

How To Survive When Your Spouse Travels

“Dad,” she beamed, “I’m so glad you’re home. I really miss you when you’re gone. But I’m also glad when you come home because Mommy makes dinner again.”

Pregnant and Panicked: When Insurance Doesn’t Work

I usually love sorting through the pile of mail that accumulates while I’ve been away from home. This time was different. After returning from a Thanksgiving trip, complete with road closures due to icy conditions, I...

Empowering Kids to Resolve Conflict: Starting the Conversation

Truly resolving relational conflict is an invaluable life skill. As moms, we are well familiar with conflict. Whether it’s a disagreement in our marriage or the millionth fight (of the day!) among our kids,...