What to Wear to The Eras Tour {Outfit Picks for Mom and Kids}

Eras Tour Style concert attendee on the floor at the Taylor Swift Concert

The Eras Tour is headed to Denver in July. Are you ready for it?

If you are one of the lucky ones who scored tickets to the show, then you are probably working on your concert attire. We all know that one of the most exciting parts about a Taylor Swift concert is deciding what to wear.

Below you will find style picks for moms and kids for each of Taylor Swift’s 10 Eras. Important Tip: Taylor’s set is a little over 3 hours long. If you plan on standing and dancing for the duration of the show you will want to keep comfort in mind, especially for footwear.

Now, get out your sequins and glitter. It’s time to make the whole place shimmer.
Debut Era Heading
Debut Eras Tour Outfits
Fearless Era Heading
Fearless Eras Tour Outfits Collage
Speak Now Era Heading
Speak Now Eras Tour Outfit
RED Era Heading
Red Eras Tour Outfits
1989 Era Heading
1989 Eras Tour Outfits
Reputation Era Heading
Reputation Eras Tour Outfits
Lover Era Heading
Lover Era Tour Outfits
folklore era heading
folklore eras tour outfit
evermore era heading
evermore eras tour outfits
midnights era heading
Midnights Eras Tour Outfits
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