How To Recover from the Holidays


Ok, so we made it through December and the New Year (or if you’re like me, Halloween to the end of the year). All the holidays, parties, festivals, lights, and such are over. We can hopefully take a breath and start to recover from the whirlwind of activities and stimulation around the holidays.

But how can we unwind and start to recover from the all the hustle and bustle? Let’s start small and focus on little things we can do to improve health, happiness, and fun.

Ways to Recover from the Holidays

1. No New Year resolutions.

I’m not kidding. Chuck them out the door. They only make you feel guilty for not completing them. They are usually not sustainable or fun, like eat no sugar or chocolate and lose 50 pounds. How is dieting and not eating yummy food going to help with happiness or fun?

2. Take the decorations down slowly.

I do a little each day after the New Year. I put away a little in each room, so it is not overwhelming. A little at a time also helps with no decoration shock. The house will not feel so bare, if it is gradual. I also take down the breakables first for my peace of mind.

3. Make small health changes.

I was eating at least three bags of candy cane kisses a week. Luckily, they are a seasonal candy, so I have cut back my candy to one bag or less a week. I should be safe until at least Valentine’s Day, when the chocolate covered cherries come back.

4. Exercise. Relax.

Not every day, but three times a week for ten minutes. Start stretching or light yoga to help awaken your body and mind. It does not need to be strenuous, but take time to connect with yourself and move your muscles.

5. Slow down for a bit.

Say no to parties, outings, play dates. Santa fever is gone. You do not need to attend every event, just the ones you really want. After the holidays, my littles are tired of weekly outings. They want to watch tv and play games. Do that. Rest and recover.

6. Sleep.

Make this a priority. With the stress of parties and finding the perfect gift for everyone gone until next year, pop a sleep gummy on the weekends. Give the littles their tablets and let them play in the mornings while you sleep. I promise it will not rot their brains (you can make the first hour only educational apps). Enough sleep helps with happiness, and in my house, much less yelling.

7. Play board games or video games with the family.

This is a good alternative to going out. We love Mario Kart, Uno, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, etc. In the winter, we play some games every day and it helps us connect with each other.

Slowing down and being mindful of yourself and each other will help you recover from the hustle and bustle while also keeping you close. And I am serious about the New Year Resolutions: Do not go there. Focus on unwinding and resting. What are some ways you recover in the New Year?

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