Thanksgiving is a big event at our house. With both sets of in-laws, siblings, nieces, and nephews living in town, we always have a full house. And for the last decade, we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Some people say I am nuts to always host, but I really do love it. For two years, we even raised and slaughtered our own turkeys – but that’s a story for another time! Both my husband and I love to cook and have fun together in the kitchen. Our guests bring side-dishes and it’s all-hands on deck to prepare my favorite meal of the year!

On Thanksgiving our kitchen is full of laughter, family, and amazing smells. Inevitably, we always prepare way too much food. Last year, I got smart and purchased meal prep containers, so everyone could take home a plate with all their favorite fixings. But still, our fridge remains packed with leftovers. While I love a Thanksgiving plate on Black Friday, I have also come up with some creative ways to enjoy our Thanksgiving leftovers!

My favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers is for eggrolls. You can use any of your leftovers to fill the eggrolls and I use any cranberry sauce for dipping. It’s easy to make a few or even double this recipe. Plus, preparing eggrolls is easier than you’d think! And the kids can get involved. They love to wrap and roll – just be careful around the hot oil!

Here’s my recipe, but you can adjust to your liking!

Thanksgiving Eggrolls

  • 1 package of Egg Roll Wrappers
  • 1 lb diced turkey, cooked
  • 2 Cups mashed potatoes
  • 2 Cups stuffing
  • 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch
  • ¼ cup Water
  1. Combine the cornstarch and water in a small bowl.
  2. To wrap each eggroll, lay one wrapper on a flat surface with a corner facing you (it should look like a diamond).
  3. Fill the center of the wrapper with about 1 tablespoon of each: turkey, masked potatoes, and stuffing. Filling should be place horizontally above the corner facing you.
  4. Dip your finger into the water and cornstarch mixture and spread some of it onto the bottom corner. Then fold the bottom corner up and over the mixture, ensuring that the wrapper sticks to the other side.
  5. Dipping your finger into the water and cornstarch mixture, wet both the left and right corners and fold them towards the center.
  6. Wet the top corner with the water and cornstarch mixture and continue to roll, until the eggroll is sealed. Be sure that the seams are securely stick together, using a bit more of the water and cornstarch mixture as needed to seal.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the remaining eggrolls.
  8. In a large, nonstick skillet or pan heat about an inch of canola oil to about 350 degrees.
  9. Gently drop in filled eggrolls – about 4 at a time. Turn them occasionally, until they are crispy and golden brown – about two minutes each.
  10. Place fried eggrolls on paper towels while repeating steps 8-9 for the remaining eggrolls.
  11. Serve immediately with leftover cranberry sauce for dipping.

I hope you enjoy these delicious eggrolls! I’m always open to new ideas for leftovers, so please share yours in the comments!

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