The Comparison Trap


I don’t know about you, but I feel like moms can get stuck in the comparison trap so easily. Comparing kids, lifestyles, bodies, parenting styles, marriages… the list goes on and on.

We moved into our new house in November. It’s a new build, so a lot of our neighbors moved in around the same time we did. One of our neighbors had her house looking like they’d lived there for months within a week of moving—all boxes unpacked, pictures hung, wallpaper up.

Meanwhile, in a Home Nearby….

Our house? Five months later, we have zero things hung on the walls, we are still putting together furniture, we have no blinds up in the windows and there are still a few boxes lying around. Sorry neighbors!😅Wow, Kellee. Get it together—why can’t you be more like your neighbor?

Comparison Breeds Discontentment

It’s easy to look at others and compare lives. It’s easy to scroll through social media and see the fantastic ways other people are living, compared to the un-fantastic ways you are living. But why? We know this only breeds discontentment. We know there are so many other circumstances that shape how we live our lives.

My neighbor? Her kids were in full-time daycare while she took the week off work to unpack their house. Me? There are kid(s) in my house 24/7, which makes it extremely difficult to do anything.

Completely different people with completely different circumstances makes for completely different outcomes.

Just remember that you were created to live the life you are living—not anyone else’s.

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