2022 Summer of Kindness

Thank you to our Summer of Kindness Title Sponsor, Colorado Springs Utilities. Remember to be kind to the environment. Be kind to Colorado Springs.
Summer of Kindness Featured Image

We are excited to announce our 2022 Summer of Kindness.

We have partnered with Colorado Springs Utilities and The Meltdown to encourage kids of all ages to spread kindness throughout our city this summer.

To participate, we ask that kids complete 5 Kindness Tasks: Show Kindness to a Stranger, Show Kindness to a Friend, Show Kindness to a Loved One, Show Kindness to an Animal, and Show Kindness to the Environment. Once all 5 tasks have been completed, your child will receive a coupon for a free Kindness Scoop from The Meltdown Ice Cream Truck.

We even have a fun checklist to help you and your children keep track of their 5 kindness deeds.

Summer of Kindness Scoop

Summer of Kindness Registration

We do ask that you register in advance. Please complete the form below to register your family. Upon signing up, you will receive a Kindness deed checklist and instructions for claiming your kindness scoop.

We’d love for you to use #LiveKindCOS if you share your acts of kindness on your social accounts.

Summer of Kindness Park Playdates

Summer of Kindness Park Playdates

To add to the fun, we will be hosting 3 Summer of Kindness Park Playdates at Stonehaven Park in Wolf Ranch. This will be a chance for parents and kids to mingle, play, and take part in an optional kindness activity.

This year’s Summer of Kindness Playdates will be held from 10-11AM on June 2nd, June 23rd and July 14th.

Let's Make a Splash With Kindness

We’d love to follow along as your children take part in their kind deeds. If you share on social media please use #livekindcos.

Thank you for joining us as we flood Colorado Springs with Kindness.

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