CityServe Day!


Know what feels good? 

Serving others. Being able to help out and know that what you’re doing is making a difference in someone else’s life. 

“But it’s so hard to know where to start/who needs help/how to use my gifts,” you say? 

Then have I got an event for you! 

CityServe Day

CityServe Day is coming up on October 1st, and is a way for your whole family (and thousands of other families!) to love on our city of Colorado Springs, no-strings-attached. 

It was started by an organization in town called COSILoveYou, which partners alongside churches and organizations across the city to be able to love on Colorado Springs. 

There are tons of places to serve—from schools to homeless ministries to pregnancy centers. You can paint, pull weeds, clean, organize materials and so much more! And you can bring your entire family to serve with you.

Many projects on COSILoveYou’s website are designated as kid-friendly, but make sure you sign up quickly to serve. Those spots will be gone in a flash! You can pick from various service sites around town to best match your location, gifts and talents, time frame, and age ranges. 

If you belong to a local church, chances are they may be volunteering at a site together, and you can be part of their group. My husband and I are high school youth group leaders, and we generally serve with our youth group. If you don’t belong to a church or small group, maybe ask your neighbors or friends. Gather and complete a project together! 

The motivation is simple–when a city prospers, so do its people

At the end of CityServe Day, my family and I are often exhausted. But it’s always such a good feeling to know you’ve helped someone else—often in ways they wouldn’t be able to do themselves.