Mom’s Guide to Postpartum Care in Colorado Springs

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Postpartum is a delicate and important time for new moms. While much attention is devoted to infants during their first few months of life, it is essential that moms receive care and support as they enter this beautiful, yet taxing, stage of motherhood.

The following businesses and organizations offer postpartum care for moms in and around Colorado Springs.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum doulas can provide a wide range of support including light housekeeping, night nanny services, new baby sleep/feeding assistance, meal prep, sibling care, and more.

Perinatal Mental Health Support

Support Groups + Online Resources

Lactation Support


Relatable Words From Our Contributors

newborn baby being held in mom's arms
The postpartum period. It’s scary, painful, exhausting, overwhelming, but above else — beautiful.  I’m about to become a mother of two. So, this isn’t my first go-around with postpartum.  With my firstborn, I had a very traumatic birth experience and an even more painful recovery. Postpartum is such a lonely and vulnerable time for a mom, especially a new one. While your...
postpartum depression
It’s an old question, but one I love to hear people’s answers to: Living or dead, who would you want to sit down and have a conversation with? Hands down for me, it would be C.S Lewis. He is my literary, philosophical and theological hero. He was a pioneer, forging new ways to convey old themes such as hope, loss,...
woman holding baby
When you give birth, I'm convinced that there is absolutely no way to be prepared for the overwhelming love you feel for that fresh, tiny - or maybe not so tiny...bless you - human. The moment they first handed me my 6 lb, 9 oz little boy, I was downright giddy. Deliriously giddy. As in, I had no clue...
Days after my oldest was born, I found myself walking around in a fog. I was still recovering from a painful cesarean delivery—one I hadn't planned for or expected. I was trying to adjust to my new normal: sleep deprivation, stressing about trying to nurse my baby and looking beyond recognition. “Welcome to Motherhood,” I told myself. I knew better than...
motherhood takes time
Coming into motherhood really does look like a wrecking ball. It felt that way to me at first. Between the postpartum days, and the moments where you think you have things figured out, just to turn around and realize your child has outgrown the thing you just “mastered.” I definitely feel like a wrecking ball was entering my life six years...
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