Petting Zoos and Animal Visits for Day Trips


bunny - petting zoos

One of the best things about living in Colorado Springs is our year-round good weather for outdoor adventures like zoos, petting zoos and farms.

Recently, my family and I visited an area ranch that has a variety of rescue animals including goats, pigs and several dozen adorable bunnies. We got to spend a couple of hours petting, feeding and enjoying the animals. It was awesome!

Here are some area petting zoos where you and your family can enjoy the animals together:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs

Wishing Star Farm, Calhan, CO

Ginger Snap Ranch, Hanover, CO

goats - petting zoos

Shepperly Farm, Canon City, CO

Historic Triple B Ranch, Woodland Park, CO

Pueblo Zoo, Pueblo, CO (click here for more info)

Two by Two Petting Zoo, Eaton, CO

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, Deer Trail, CO

The Farm at Lee Martinez Park, Fort Collins, CO

Something More Exotic

If you’re in the mood for getting to learn about and pet animals of a different sort, check out these two places. 

Seaquest, Littleton, CO

Colorado Gators Reptile Park, Mosca, CO