Step-By-Step To Finding Library Events Online


After a long holiday season, you may be looking for affordable things to do with your family. Like you, I appreciate finding new hobbies or activities I can do with a lower cost or completely free. I’m here to share how our local libraries are the place to visit and to help you find library events online.

Most people are not aware that all local library locations around Colorado Springs offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. They provide a plethora of resources outside of just carrying amazing books! Getting a library card is completely free, can be completed at any location and only takes a few minutes. Before I explain where to locate the calendar and search the vast list of opportunities they offer their patrons, I’d like to share a few examples.

Here are a few classes being offered right now: evening yoga, virtual yoga, cookie decorating, baking fig newtons, zumba, improv workshop, goat milk soap making class, origami class, create and play, storytime, toddler time, and even book clubs. Now while most of these are free there are occasionally some that have a low cost associated with them. To help you find library events, I’ve gone through and used a yellow highlighter on the images below to ensure you are clicking the correct tabs to find all the amazing programs.

First, you’ll visit the page will look like this image below.  You will then click the Programs tab near the top middle.

You then need to click on Programs Home on the far left of that tab.

Next, you will click the Calendar of Events at the top of the page. This will direct you to their calendar layout.

This is the main Calendar of events page where ALL programs for EVERY library location and age group are located.

I find it can be a good idea to sort programs by age, and branch location. This can be completed by clicking on the left-hand side filters. A helpful tip is to choose several options in the age group category as sometimes the age of kids can overlap between kids, tweens, teens and even family events.

You can hover over each individual event on the calendar and it will give you a brief summary. Here you can see if you have to register, age limits and if there are any seats still available.

If you decide on an event you would like to attend, click on it and it will redirect you to that specific events page where you can register and find even more details and contact information if you are still left with more questions.

I hope you found this visual step-by-step helpful. I encourage you to take some time to explore all the different options. You can attend any library event at any location you are not limited to the closest one to your home address. This is a fun way to explore Colorado Springs and find new places within our sweet town!