By now we have all gotten that email: SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED!!! I know some of us shuddered, some of us went right into planning and some even yelled at the phone or computer.  But after it all sunk in, I suspect most of us asked ourselves: “What I am going to do with my kids for 2 whole weeks?” Books and movies? 

Well, I scoured Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ to find movies and shows based on kids books.  We know our kids will beg for screen time, so let’s get sneaky and include reading and writing.  Below you will find a list of books and where to find the movie. I have also included a few easy activities that can be combined with any book. And if you don’t know where to start I have bolded the titles my kids have personally read and enjoyed the movie.

Books Made Into Movies or Shows

    1. Goosebumps (Netflix) (Hulu)
    2. Aliens Ate My Homework (Netflix)
    3. The Adventures of TinTin (Netflix)
    4. The Magic School Bus (Netflix) 
    5. White Fang (Netflix)
    6. Benji (Netflix)
    7. Stuart Little (Netflix)
    8. Judy Moody (Netflix) (Hulu)
    9. Charlotte’s Web (Hulu)
    10. Mary Poppins (Netflix) (Disney+)
    11. Wrinkle in Time (Netflix)
    12. Jumanji (Hulu)
    13. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Netflix)
    14. Harriet the Spy (Netflix)
    15. The Spiderwick Chronicles (Netflix)
    16. The BFG (Hulu)
    17. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
    18. Captain Underpants (Netflix) (Hulu)

Books & Movies for Younger Kids

    1. Llama Llama (Netflix)
    2. The Little Prince (Netflix)
    3. The Grinch (Netflix)
    4. Curious George (Hulu)
    5. The Cat in the Hat (Netflix) (Hulu)
    6. Room on the Broom (Netflix)
    7. Horrid Henry (Netflix)
    8. Green Eggs and Ham (Netflix)
    9. Lorax (Hulu)
    10. Paddington (Hulu)
    11. Boss Baby (Netflix) (Hulu)
    12. Ferdinand (Hulu)

Great Activities that Incorporate Writing

Matchbox Chapter Summary – I am starting with this one because it is my all-time favorite activity and I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love it. It incorporates writing, reading comprehension and art. And they turn out FABULOUS!!!! If you have young kids, simply have them draw the summary.

Design a Bookmark – Cut out some bookmark size paper and have your kids draw their favorite scene from the book.  

Create a Diorama – A simple box and some creativity and you child can create a 3D scene from the book.

Paper Bag Book – Grab some brown paper bags and create a book. Each page could be a chapter summary or picture.

Who is Ready for Some Fun?!

I hope you and your little ones can enjoy books and movies together! If you know of another book/movie combo, please let us know in the comments. And I would LOVE to see pictures of the projects!!

Happy Reading!!!!!

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