Library Living: Around Town with the Pikes Peak Culture Pass


Welcome to a new series – “Library Living” – where you’ll be privy to all the information I’ve discovered about our very own Pikes Peak Library District! Looking to visit a museum for free? Check out board games? Attend a storytime with your littles? Sign up for reading programs (as a kid OR an adult!)? Read ebooks for free with your phone or Kindle? I’ve got your answers to all those – and more! – coming up in this article series, all about taking advantage of the FREE resources available to you through the library! 

The first thing I want to talk about is the PPLD’s Pikes Peak Culture Pass. I want to do this one first, because it’s probably one of the lesser-known things the library offers, but it brings so much value! 

The Pikes Peak Culture Pass is a partnership between the library and several attractions (in The Springs and the surrounding area). Through this partnership, PPLD is able to offer passes to these attractions at NO COST to you, as long as you have a library card! They offer one set of passes each day the attraction provides admission. Different places offer different free admission with the Culture Pass – some allow two adults and any number of children, some allow one adult and one child, some allow four guests of any age… you just have to look at the particular pass you want to reserve to see the fine print. 

You can book the passes in their online reservation system up to 30 days in advance. Sometimes the more popular ones can go quickly, so if you know you’re wanting to visit a certain attraction on a certain day, be sure to book it as soon as possible! 

Wondering what places offer a Pikes Peak Culture Pass? Here’s a list of current attractions offered: 

  • The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
  • The Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • The Michael Garman Museum and Gallery
  • Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain
  • The ProRodeo Hall of Fame
  • The Space Foundation Discovery Center
  • The Money Museum
  • Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site at Garden of the Gods
  • The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum
  • The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center
  • The Victor Lowell Thomas Museum
  • The Western Museum of Mining and Industry

So. How exactly do you reserve one of these passes? 

Head to and click on “Reserve a Pass”. From there, you can filter your results by dates and passes shown. Once you find the pass you want on the day you want, click “Request Pass”, and it should take you to a place to enter your library card number and PIN number. After that, you’ll confirm your reservation, and ta-da! you’ve just reserved your first Culture Pass! 

Now that you’ve reserved a pass, how do you use it? It’s SO EASY. You show up at the attraction on the date you reserved and show them the pass, either printed or on your phone. And you’re in! Simple as that.  

I’ve reserved passes at several places, and it’s always such a treat to get to visit a place we otherwise couldn’t without the Pikes Peak Culture Pass. 

Interested in more library content? This article is part of a series about the PPLD library called “Library Living” — check out our previous articles here!


  1. This is such a good tip, I had no idea there were so many things you could do with just a library card. Thank you for the information, these are great ways to have fun without breaking the bank! I will be getting my Culture Pass😁


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