Preparing My Child for Medical Procedures


As a mom to a little one with special needs, I have helped my child prepare for numerous medical procedures. It goes a little bit easier for all of us when she understands what to expect.

Here are some resources that I have found to help little ones prepare for various medical procedures.

Outpatient Procedures/Operation

Daniel Tiger Season 5 Episode 11: When Daniel is feeling a little nervous for his first trip to the hospital, Mom and Dad Tiger prepare him for his new experience.


Get Well Soon Season 2, Episode 9: Dr Ranj reassures Kiwa, who is worried about her upcoming operation.


Daniel the Tiger goes to the hospital Social Story:

Daniel the Tiger Social Story


Get Well Soon Hospital Season 2, Episode 5: Dr Ranj performs a test on Riz called an electroencephalogram, or EEG for short. It will test whether the electricity in Riz’s brain is working properly. 

EEG Visit a Social Story: Visit Social Story


Get Well Soon Episode Season 2, Episode 8: Deep comes to see Dr Ranj because he has funny feelings inside his chest and can hear a boom, boom. Dr Ranj does an ECG test – an electrocardiogram – to check how his heart is working. 


Get Well Soon Hospital Season 1, Episode 1: Dr Ranj heard a funny noise when listening to Deep’s heart so Deep is having an echocardiogram to make sure everything is okay with it. Dr Ranj explains how an echocardiogram will let him see inside Deep’s chest to check and hear how Deep’s heart is working.

EKG Social Story:

EKG Social Story


Doc Mcstuffin’s Season 4 Episode 14, Willow’s Wonky Whiskers: In this moment, Doc must find the cause of Willows wonky whiskers by using a cat-scan.


Get Well Soon Hospital Season 1, Episode 3: Visiting Dr Ranj at the children’s hospital is Jobi. Jobi is having at CT scan to make sure everything is okay with his brain.

Allergy Test

Get Well Soon Hospital Season 2, Episode 3: Deep has some mysterious itchy red bumps all over his body. Dr Ranj thinks he might have an allergy. They decide to investigate the cause of it.


Sesame Street, An Asthma Doctor’s Visit: This episode explains and shows a nebulizer treatment.


Get Well Soon Hospital, How Do Lungs Work: This episode explains how lungs work and also shows how to use an inhaler with spacer.

Daniel Tiger Season 5, Episode 12: Jodi’s Asthma. Daniel is playing Splat Ball with his friends at the Enchanted Garden, but Jodi’s asthma makes it hard for her to run around. When she stops to rest, Daniel comes up with a new sitting-down game so everyone can still play. 

Toys for Pretend Play

I recently stumbled across a site, The Butterfly Pig, that sells toy medical devices for children to use with their dolls and stuffed animals. They have everything from orthotics to G-Tubes. This is a great way to lessen fears and familiarize your child with a device.
The butterfly Pig medical toyAlong with the above resources, Children’s Hospital Colorado also provides Child Life Specialists who can help your child prepare for upcoming medical procedures.