Right Now Is Not the Time for Me


Woman laying on a couch with her infantRight now, I am deep in the trenches of motherhood. Right now, I have three small souls that require a lot. There are routines to manage, emotions to handle, and toys to clean up. So many toys everywhere. It’s not the time for me.

My days are long.

There are lots of tears and tantrums. I do my best to remember that their emotions are strongest with me because I am their safe zone. I try to remember that the endless piles of toys will be replaced by new hobbies and interests. And I try to remember that they are evolving into their own personalities.

Focused on My Children

I spend a lot of time focused on my children. I spend a lot of time worrying about them and worrying whether I am doing enough.

Parenting is not easy.

There are a lot of moments that are hard and not very rewarding. But good always wins. I laugh with my kids every single day, even when I shouldn’t. They are funny. I take time to read to them and to encourage them. I love being a mom—their mom.

Not Time for Me

Right now is the time to focus on my small kids. Right now is not the time for me. I am okay with that. Right now, I’ll find my joy in the daily routines that will be changing soon. I know right now is the most needed I’ll ever be.

Every day that they get bigger, they get more independent. They need me a little less. The time for me will get here and I’ll do my best to embrace it. Right now, I’m in the trenches, and I want to look back and remember how hard I worked and how much love I poured into my family.