Time to Drive: Getting a Learner’s Permit


I know that you can’t believe it, but it’s time for your teenager to get their learner’s permit and learn to drive! Here’s what you need to do to help your student get their permit. There are different requirements depending on how old your teen is. 

What To Do First

The earliest someone can get a permit is 15 years, 0 months old. To get your permit at this age, there are several requirements. Your teen will have to take a 30-hour driver’s training class either in person or online. Here’s a list of the driving schools in Colorado Springs that offer the classes. 

If your teen is 15½ to 16 years old, they will have to take a four-hour intensive education class instead of the 30-hour class before they can take their written permit test. The schools listed above can help with that class. 

If your teen is 16 to 18 years old, no formal education is required before they can take the written permit test.

After the class is over, your teen will have to pass the written permit test. Many of the schools administer the test, or you can do it online here

A student can take the 30-hour class once they are 14 years, 6 months old. But, they aren’t eligible to take the permit test until they turn 15.

What To Do Next

Now, schedule an appointment online to go to the DMV in person. It can take a few weeks to get in, so take that into consideration when scheduling your appointment. The DMV location you’ll go to is 2447 N. Union Blvd, 80909. 

You’ll need to take several documents with you.

  • Certificate for successfully completing the 30 hours of education or 4 hours of education, depending on your age
  • Certificate for successfully passing the written learner’s permit test
  • Your child’s birth certificate, passport or state ID as identification
  • Your child’s social security card
  • Two bills sent to your residential address to validate your address
  • Payment for fees (Currently $18.52)

At the DMV, your teenager will be issued a temporary permit; the official permit will come in the mail in a couple of weeks.

Now, it’s time to help your child learn to drive! You have an entire year! They aren’t eligible to get their driver’s license until they’ve held their permit for a whole calendar year or turn 18.

Additional Helpful Links

Stay tuned for upcoming information about teaching your teen to drive and the process for obtaining their driver’s license!

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