Supporting Your Child’s School


I have a third grader, a kindergartener, and a soon-to-be preschooler. I love volunteering at their school. This school year, I became the secretary of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO is a group of parent and teacher volunteers who work together to help better the school. The PTO, or PTA (Parent Teacher Association) at some schools, often gets a bad reputation in movies and television, but it really is fun and so necessary for our schools. Being involved in the PTO is a great way to get to know teachers and staff, have a say in school activities and fundraisers, and it is an amazing way to support your child’s school.

Getting to Know Teachers and Staff

I was so nervous to send my oldest daughter to full-time school. I knew she would spend her whole days with a teacher I barely knew. Once I started volunteering at her school, I was so happy to get to know her teachers and the other staff. They got to know me better, too. Volunteering also brought a dear mom friend into my life.

Having a Say

Have you seen the memes on Facebook about moms feeling like they are holding on by a thread, and then their kids school adds random nonsense dress-up days to their plates? It’s so relatable. As a member of the PTO, I have a say in many of those school activities. It helps to have input from parents – especially those who can add balance to those fun (and often exhausting) activities.

Support Your Child’s School

Our schools need support. Teachers need support now more than ever. By volunteering at your child’s school, in the PTO, or helping in classrooms, we can provide much-needed support to the people helping to shape our kids’ lives.

If you’re a parent who has the time, even an hour each month, consider spending it helping at your child’s school. Whether it’s selling at the book fair, stacking books in the library, or decorating for the school dance, your child’s school appreciates you! It is so worth it to take the time to help support your child’s school.