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This post is sponsored by GoPeer, but the experience + review are all our own.

This semester has been off to a rocky start. Our family has caught one illness after another, causing my 8th grader to miss a lot of school. As his pile of missing work has grown exponentially, so has his stress level. Add to that his worry over missed lectures and in-person test reviews and you have yourself one very overwhelmed and defeated kiddo.

Enter GoPeer

When I heard about GoPeer, an online resource that connects families with qualified college students who are available to tutor, I knew it would be the perfect solution for my son.

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GoPeer offers 1:1 virtual tutoring lessons in over 150 subjects for students in Kindergarten thru 12th grade. Their tutors are selected from top US universities like Stanford, Harvard and MIT, and many are available to provide lessons the same day.

The GoPeer platform is state-of-the-art, featuring tools that allow the student and their mentor to work collaboratively. During the lesson, they can work together in sketch, notes or code mode, upload to a files folder, and share their screens. Lessons are also recorded so that the student can review the material as often as they’d like.

How to Get Started

After signing up with your email address and preferred password, your next step is to search for a subject. The list of subjects is extensive and includes everything from AP courses to bass guitar. Your Kindergartener can work on sentence writing skills while your high schooler receives SAT prep. GoPeer uses the information you input about your student’s grade level and needs to provide tutor recommendations tailored to your child.


GoPeer Tutor Search ScreenOnce you let the system know the courses your child needs additional help with, GoPeer directs you to your family dashboard. Here you can browse through recommended tutors, request a session, view previous lessons and work or send a message to an existing or prospective tutor. If you have more than one child, you’ll definitely want to make use of the family portal where you can add in each student. This helps with organizing schedules and lessons.

I thought that my kiddo would be a bit apprehensive to sit down with a tutor, but he was actually really excited. He enjoyed browsing through recommended tutors and finding one to help him with his Science and Government work. We signed up in the morning and were able to schedule an introductory session for later that day.

GoPeer Tutoring SessionI loved watching my son interact with his tutor. He asked some really great questions about the GoPeer process and even discovered what led his new mentor to begin tutoring other students. It was great to see his tutor’s passion for helping children succeed in school.

My son’s lessons have been a breeze and he has made quite a dent in his missing work. The best part is the smile that now covers his once defeated face. We are very grateful.

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Watching your child go from struggling to succeeding is priceless. If your student could benefit from a little extra help, GoPeer may be just what you are looking for.

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