Library Living: The Libby App


Want to know the single best library-provided resource to help me read more? The Libby app

The Libby app is free for all library card holders. You can check out ebooks, audiobooks and magazines, and have access to them right on your device. You can even have them delivered to your Kindle! 

I read much more when I have a book checked out on my Libby app. I don’t have to carry a book around; I have access to a book any time my phone is with me. 

If you’re unsure of what to read, Libby has an awesome searchable selection of books, and recommendation guides available  

Once you’re logged in with your library card, you can start borrowing books. You can place a hold on a book if it’s already checked out by another user. The Libby app will notify you when it becomes available. The app will even tell you an approximate wait time for any holds you place. You can also track progress on books you’re reading, as well as see a timeline of what you’ve checked out in the past. Books can be checked out for a maximum of 21 days, and then you can either renew or place a hold (if you have others waiting behind you).

There’s something for everyone on Libby — even my non-reader husband has checked out books and audiobooks using Libby! With the Winter Adult Reading Program in full swing, there’s no better time to download Libby and see what the app has to offer! 

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