Erin is a Colorado native who loves both the mountains and the plains. She was an elementary school teacher until she did something she said she’d never do: marry an Army guy. Not only did she fall in love with him, she fell in love with the military life, and continues to write about it. Now she’s a stay-at-home mom to two amazing girls, though she’s rarely found at home. Erin is active in her community and church, is a former PTO President, and currently serves as Vice President of the Colorado Springs chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers. She believes in second chances, and is thankful for hers. She was thrilled to remain in Colorado Springs upon her husband’s retirement from the Army, and counts herself lucky to watch the sun set behind Cheyenne Mountain every evening. Erin enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, and any time spent with her family.

I’m Not the Mom I Wanted to Be: Autoimmune Disease Stole My Dreams

I always dreamed of being a mom. Those dreams included long family road trips, exercising together, and being healthy. Autoimmune disease stole those dreams, not allowing me to be the mom I wanted to...
autoimmune disease

What My Autoimmune Disease Has Taught My Children

When I dreamed of being a mom, living with autoimmune disease never appeared in that vision. When I thought about all the lessons I would teach my children, managing a chronic illness never made...
military moves

Military Moves: Summer Means Saying Goodbye

Knowing these incredible families who have lived all over the world, whose kids are resilient and strong and know how to be good friends in a short amount of time is so worth the pain of saying goodbye. We have the most beautiful memories to hold onto. Pictures to look back on. And social media to keep us connected as the next journey begins.
summer chore chart

School’s Out: Let the Learning Begin with a Summer Chore Chart

Do you cringe thinking about how much time your children spend in front of a screen throughout the summer? Is it a struggle to get your children to play outside? Do you tire of...
foster care how to help

Foster Care Awareness, Part Two: Not Called to Foster? You Can Still Help.

When Kim and Dale Nuss began their journey as foster parents in 2012, they had no idea how deeply their hearts would be touched or how monumentally it would change their lives. Most of...
foster care statistics

Foster Care Awareness, Part One: The Statistics

May is National Foster Care Month. According to, it’s a time to acknowledge foster parents, family members, volunteers, mentors, policymakers, child welfare professionals, and other members of the community who help children and...

Where Do Your Children Find Heroes?

I was eating out with my daughters recently when we noticed another mom with two little boys dressed in costumes: the little one Spiderman and his older brother a SWAT team member. Both were...

Encouragement for Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you a new year's resolution type of gal? Do you make them? Do you keep them? Do you need a little encouragement now that we’re well into the new year? Still thinking about it?...

Being Present in Every Stage

I wanted to cherish every stage of our daughters' lives, but when they were little, I couldn't imagine loving them more than at that moment. After all, chubby cheeks are adorable and little kid...

Season of Giving: 31 Ways To Teach Kids To Think of Others

The Christmas season is just around the corner. For our family, that means celebrating Advent. The Advent season for us has morphed in meaning through the years. When our girls were little, a friend stationed in...