Jamie is a mom to boy-girl twins, living the schizophrenic life that is 50/50 custody. A PR professional and author of bingemomming, she loves to write about family life, blending families, cultural life in Colorado Springs and issues of the day. A former Portland resident, Jamie is passionate about coffee, microbrews, local art, country music and cowboy boots (she has way too many). She's thrilled to be starting life 2.0 with her very own hero, Major Kelly Leaverton (U.S. Army retired)

The Rotten Tomatoes of Fad Diets

Let me be honest. This pandemic – where there’s literally nothing to do except eat, drink and surf Netflix – has not been kind to me. Combine that with worsening arthritis and the start...

Get a Hobby! Why is Planning for Free Time So Hard?

“So, what do you do in your free time?” It’s a question I dread in small talk, conversations, interviews. Mainly, I guess, because I don’t have a respectable answer. My free time — I do...
experiential gifts

Why Our Family Loves Experiential Gifts

Do you dread the barrage of gifts that come in over the holidays, or on the kids’ birthdays? I know I do. In the days leading up, as the Amazon truck becomes a fixture...
family road trip

The Resurgence of the Family Road Trip

Ah, the family road trip. A time-honored tradition plunged into infamy by Chevy Chase movies of days gone by, is making its return. Pandemic-emptied airports have brought the road trip back in style. But...

The Moms Will Carry Us Through

Moms... Have you noticed how people drive these days? It's like we got out from under the "Stay at Home" order and everyone is suddenly 15 minutes late to their grocery pickup appointment. If you...
split custody

The Weekly Dance of the Mom with Split Custody

And just like that, they’re gone.Not forever, no, and not without six or seven hugs, kisses and “I’ll miss yous” and even an “I don’t want to leave.” But they’re not here now and...
screen time

Shows that Make Screen Time Less Shameful

If you have been momming your way through school closures, camp shutdowns and a playdate-free summer, and you haven’t relaxed your screen time limits, well you are a better COVID-19 mom than I. But...

The Courage-Caution Line

Finding the Courage-Caution Line This is my Mom voice. “Be sure to look both ways!” “There’s a car — get on the side of the road!” “Be Careful! Don’t climb on that!” And of course, of late, there’s “Did...
stay still

A Season to Stay Still

I am terrible at sitting still. I literally cannot watch TV without something busying my hands, be it a bullet journal or a grocery list or some short-lived attempt at crocheting. Moving Up Ever since I...
gifted and talented

One of my Twins is Gifted and Talented and One Isn’t

As a proud mom of two full-term, beautiful, healthy weight twins, I was certain that my miracle babies would excel at everything. Sports, beauty, intelligence. And they are amazing — don’t get me wrong....