Lindsie, originally from Iowa, loves living in Colorado. Her and her husband Dave have four kids. Their family has been knit together through biology and adoption. Lindsie has always had a creative bent and now owns an Etsy shop, Everyday Summit , that allows her to "work" from home as she homeschools the kids. Though life often tends to be a bit loud, chaotic, and messy, she strives to see beauty in everyday moments.
joy in autism featured image

Finding Joy in Autism

He's 5.  He has brought me more smiles than I ever could have imagined. Entered our world from across an ocean.  I've changed nearly every parenting tactic I had with our older three and...
hidden gem hikes

Hidden Gem Hikes Near Colorado Springs

Summer may be coming to an end, but these family friendly hidden gem hikes near Colorado Springs can help your family extend summer just a little bit longer.
family road trip

Family Road Trip Essentials

We've heard it all on our road trips. Our family of 6 has taken many road trips to see family that lives 10+ hours away. Each trip I feel as though our road tripping skills...

Games to Play While You Wait

Waiting at a restaurant, waiting in line, long car rides, long plane rides, doctor’s offices, checkout lines, waiting… waiting… waiting. No one likes to wait, right?  So why not make it fun for young and...

A Rhythm of Thanks: The Habit of Gratitude

I can’t count the times I’ve started a gratitude journal or joined in on 30 Days of Gratitude. I never seem to complete the activity and get down on myself for not following through. Yet maybe even in without finishing they, were beneficial. These practices of intentionally counting thanks seemed to give me an awareness. Even on a terribly long and sad day, there was something to count as thanks.

Rock Painting, Hunting and Finding in Colorado Springs

What do I paint? Anything you want! The sky’s…well, the rock’s…the limit. Paint anything: cartoon characters, emojis, a beautiful design, tacos, sports or simply write and encouraging quote. If you’re part of a Facebook group and want to spread the rock paint love, don’t forget to label the back of your rock with the group name.  

2017 Guide to Colorado Springs Craft Fairs

We love to shop local, and we especially love to support moms who are using their talents and gifts to provide for their families. Craft fairs are the perfect place to support moms and...
Support Mompreneur Friend

6 Simple Ways to Support Your Mompreneur Friend

Many mamas are joining the ranks of small business ownership and with that, take on the title of Mompreneur.  Whether direct sales, Etsy, a service-oriented business, or something completely unique, a Mompreneur wears many...

Becoming Mom: Our Stories are All Each Different and Memorable

“I want to be a firefighter and a mom.” This was the response scrawled under the question of, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” on my preschool 'Who I Am' poster.   Somewhere...

Six Ways to Include Your Kids in the Debt Free Journey

Debt can be a weighty subject for adults, and a confusing one for kids. At first, I shied away from sharing with our kids about our personal debt and becoming debt free. However, we have...