Rebecca, Senior Writer

Rebecca, Senior Writer
Rebecca is a Colorado Native. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a BA and MA in Psychology. Currently, she works for a local nonprofit, where she teaches low-income moms how to repair their credit, and value themselves and their money. Married to her Spartan-racing husband, and mom to a son and a daughter, in her free time you can find her cooking, reading, and working out. She loves her network of sweet friends, and is a podcast addict.
high school

Reflecting on High School and Finding my Heroes

I have been watching friends of mine navigate their children’s senior year and upcoming graduations—the excitement, the drama, the heartache of letting your child grow up. My kids are tweens, so I am still...
school-aged girl with head resting in arm.

Helping Kids Deal with Change

Change can be big like a new school or a new house or good friends moving away. They can be smaller and more mundane, like the change of today's plans or the transition from school to summer. Or vacation! Some of my biggest challenges as a mother have come when we are in the midst of change. Sometimes I am aware of the change, and other times I realize later that I was clueless.
Kids filling up laundry basket with water balloons

Our Summer Bucket List

I am a list maker by nature. Grocery lists, to-do lists, packing lists—I always seem to have a few in progress. However, bucket lists are by far my favorite. Bucket lists are better than...

Good Manners!

I put my kids in cotillion classes. If you are not familiar, it is a series of classes where they learn etiquette (manners and social skills) and dancing (like the foxtrot, waltz and merengue). You...
story time

Story Time Revisited: Reading Aloud to my Middle School Kids

You know that adage “the days are long but the years are short?” My kids are in middle school, and that seems truer every passing day. Finding time to slow down and connect can...
class list

Community and the Class List

I am a Gen X mama, and I am mourning the loss of the class list and the stability of the home phone number. You know – that class list that schools provided with...
Savoring Thanksgiving

Savoring Thanksgiving

I am a seasonal kind of girl. I like the rhythm of being in a season and moving into the next season when it is time. So, for me, it is a bit discombobulating...
Beautiful Mama

Beautiful Mama

I was leaving my son’s elementary school this week after dropping him off, and while walking back home, I chatted with my neighbor. This beautiful mama has four kids under the age of 8....

Avoiding a Halloween Sugar Nightmare AND Keeping It Fun!

We sort the candy into two piles – one is “to keep” and one is “to sell or donate.” I limit their stash by giving them a quart-sized Ziploc bag. Several dentists in our area buy candy to give to the troops. When my kids were younger, they thought it was super cool to get a few dollars. Now that their math skills have improved, we talk about it as more of a donation.
middle school

Motherhood can be like Middle School

Sometimes as a mom, I can feel 13 all over again: awkward, unprepared, and embarrassed. When my daughter started middle school, we made the decision to send her to a school that was located...