Love Me Some Lizzo

Collage of photos featuring Lizzo
Image Credit: Houston Moms

I’m a middle-aged mom who isn’t into rap or twerking or wearing sheer clothing to basketball games. But I love Lizzo. 

My Story

Ever since I hit puberty in about the 5th grade, I’ve been a bigger person. Sure, I’m pretty short, coming in at five feet tall on a good day. But the rest of me is big. 

I’m not ignorant about my size. I know how much space I take up in this world. I shop for clothes in the plus-size section, have to squeeze into seats at Ball Arena, and consistently get food on my chest. It’s been this way to varying degrees all of my adult life.

Right now, I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been. I’m taking up more space than ever. 

And I don’t have it in me to diet or to keep trying to lose weight anymore. 

I want to be OK with myself just as I am. And more than that, I want to feel beautiful right now, today, at my current size. 

Lizzo’s Story

Lizzo is a woman who knows she’s beautiful. She isn’t just OK with her size; she embraces it and celebrates it. I admire her confidence and how she soaks in self-love. She doesn’t just accept herself; she is deeply satisfied with herself in this moment.

How did Lizzo fall in love with herself? I think it was through time and intentional work. We’re told all the time by so many around us that we don’t fit in and don’t measure up – or maybe that we measure a little too much. 

Now, I’m not condoning celebrating unhealthy habits, eating disorders or not taking care of our bodies. But some of us are bigger than others and no number of healthy habits will change it. 

I’m talking about deciding today that who we are is beautiful and worthy. 

The Inner Critic

Personally, one of my biggest hurdles is negative self-talk. I’ve said some deeply mean things to myself over the years. They are things that I’d never say to a friend or loved one and nothing that anyone I know would say to me. But here I am, spewing hate at myself. 

It’s a difficult habit to stop. But, with time and effort, we can learn to speak to ourselves with kindness, compassion and positivity. This article has some great ideas about turning off the inner critic and turning on positive affirmations. 

One of my goals is to start loving myself at this moment right now where I am. Not when I get back on a diet. Not when I fit into a smaller size. Not when my hair looks perfect. But right now. Join me!

For Fun: Here are Lizzo’s top ten tips to loving ourselves better. Her music is pretty fun, too!