Kellee, Senior Writer

Kellee, Senior Writer
Kellee is a small-town girl from Southwest Georgia who married Springs native, Michael. She is a stay-at-home-mom to Zach (2014) and Karalee (2020). She also has her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, and hopes to one day be able to return to a career in the school system, helping students become more independent. She loves to foster community in her neighborhood, spend time with her family, bake, play board games and tennis, travel, and volunteer as a high school ministry leader at her church.
Pikes Peak Library District summer adventure featured image with young girl sitting on a couch reading a book

Library Living: PPLD’s Summer Adventure

Looking for ways to engage your kids all summer long? Look no further than the Pikes Peak Library District’s Summer Adventure! And PPLD knows how to do a summer reading program—this year marks their...
special events at the library featured image with toddlers enjoying storytime

Library Living: Special Events at the Library

If you have small children, the best recommendation I could make in regard to the library is to get involved in a storytime at your local library. It’s a weekly routine for my 3-year-old...
pikes peak library toy library

Library Living: PPLD’s Toy Library

Does your family own a Pikler triangle? A rocker/balance board? A push walker? Ride on toys? No? Neither does mine! But I know how your family can have access to any one of these...

Library Living: Guide to Pikes Peak Library District

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Library Living: The Libby App

Want to know the single best library-provided resource to help me read more? The Libby app!  The Libby app is free for all library card holders. You can check out ebooks, audiobooks and magazines, and...
Library living. Winter Adult Reading Program graphic featuring a woman sitting against a couch while reading a book

Library Living: The Winter Adult Reading Program

Remember when you were a kid and your parents signed you up for the summer reading program? You received prizes if you read a certain amount, and there were all these fun activities to...
Young girl holding a heart paper.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt + Printable

Valentine's Day is almost here!  If you celebrate, hopefully you’ve gotten your spouse covered — a card or chocolate or a date night, maybe. But what about your kids? I like to give my kids...
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Library Living: Around Town with the Pikes Peak Culture Pass

Welcome to a new series - “Library Living” - where you’ll be privy to all the information I’ve discovered about our very own Pikes Peak Library District! Looking to visit a museum for free?...
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Keeping Up This Fall

Anyone else feeling the go-go-go of the fall season upon us? School is back in session, fall sports and after-school activities are beginning… then there’s the constant family stuff, the church stuff, keeping in...
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Guide to Parks in Colorado Springs

With over 300 days of sunshine in Colorado, any season is a great time to check out the many parks that our beautiful city has to offer. Our Guide to Parks in Colorado Springs...