I am almost a Colorado Springs native. My family moved here when I was 10. I went to college in Greeley and graduated with a journalism degree. I am married to my high school sweetheart, we just celebrated our 19th anniversary of dating. We have three kids and a 100 pound furball. We spend as much time outdoors as possible, and love doing family hikes. I love a good soapy teen drama, true crime podcasts and friends, I'm a self proclaimed coffee snob, and do my best to see the positive side of every situation.
woman on couch reading a book

The Slow Down

When this year's calendar rolled over, I made one goal: to work less; to slow down. I have been pushing myself to grow my business, gain clients, and be a super mom, who is...
Adult woman hugging her older parents

Full Circle: The Changing Role of Parents

As a kid, I thought my parents knew everything. They were my entire world and I wanted to spend all of my time with them. My mom was the prettiest woman I knew. She...
Thank you letter

Teaching the Importance of the “Thank You”

My daughter just turned 8 and we have celebrated for a month. She is so lucky. She had a party with friends, as well as a family party on both sides. Now we have...
Family Photos

Turn your Family Photos into Art

Currently, I have 8,231 photos living in my phone. I won't look at the number on my computer because I know it's A LOT! I love photos; I always have and I always will....
Mom Tribe Featured. The backs of 3 women hugging eachother

Finding My Mom Tribe

My daughter got a terrible cough the night before her best friend's birthday party. I was so bummed for her. She had made such a great group of friends. They turned what was a...
Mom and daughter hugging on couch

Motherhood Has Made Me Better

Over the years, I have changed. It's impossible to stay the exact same person. Life happens and you discover new passions. Obsessions turn into phases. Priorities shift. I used to be obsessed with martini...
mom and daughter sitting and eating ice cream outside

Loving Summer

Summer is my favorite time. I don't do camps. I don't want to shuffle kids to and from places anymore. I did that for an entire school year and once summer hits, I am...
close up of a woman holding a cup of coffee

I’m Taking Back Me: No More Neglecting Myself

I keep making all of these excuses lately. A lot of them involve my favorite people: my kids. I'm still losing the baby weight. I have to help them with school. It's hard to...
mom in a ball pit with a toddler on her back and two older daughters pulling on each of her arms

Just Breathe: When Mom is Overwhelmed

Every time we leave the house, I explain my expectations. It helps me and my kids know what to expect. I strategically plan our outings. I usually try to do them when at least...
woman laying down on top of a mess with her hands on her face

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today I woke up late. I didn't have time to shower. I put on my favorite pair of sweats, but they have a mysterious hole. Then, I fed my kids breakfast, but the egg...