Blazers are a classic item I’m guessing most women have in their closets. Perhaps your blazer hasn’t seen the world outside your closet recently. Maybe due to being home more these past few months. Or perhaps your days in the workforce are temporarily on hold while you stay home with your littles, either way your blazers have gone unused.

Brush off the Dust

Even though blazers have been around a few decades, I think we often associate them with the 80s and office attire. Big shoulders. Pantsuits. Pencil skirts. Elbow patches. Put aside these stereotypes, mom friends. Blazers can take you from the office to happy hour. From the grocery store to volunteer meetings. You can look cool and edgy, or polished and classic.

Want some real-life examples? I got you. Four ideas for dusting off that blazer no matter if you have a holiday soirée coming, or you’re wandering the aisles of Target.

I own two blazers. One I call my “fancy” blazer. It’s a deep red color and made of velvet. The other is my “everyday” blazer. It’s cotton, a dark tan color, and super versatile. Whatever blazer you have hanging in your closet, I’m sure you can take any of these ideas and make them suit your personal style. Don’t own a blazer but feel inspired? Check out local thrift and consignment shops. There are blazers a-plenty in places like that! Sometimes you can score high-end, barely worn ones for cheap!

Neutral with Wow-factor

If you own a “statement” blazer like this one, let it do most of the talking! Paired with a neutral colored sweater or top and jeans, the blazer is the wow factor. I added my cheetah print mules for a pop of print, but any classic style shoe (loafers, mules, booties, oxfords) would work!

blazer 1Time to Shine

My statement blazer and I love to go to parties and get togethers… together 😉 Even though my skirt is shiney and somewhat of a statement, I still used my fancy blazer for this. Mostly because in this case, I’ll probably remove it once I settle in. This is an example of how I can take one piece and either dress it up or down and it works well for both!

blazer 2

blazer 3Modern Classic

I took one of my midi dresses and paired it with my heeled riding boots and my neutral blazer. The midi dress is a more modern piece so the blazer adds a classic, sort of preppy feel to the outfit. Never be afraid to intertwine styles into one outfit. While this ensemble is stylish, it’s not fussy or overly complicated. Pair your dresses with blazers mamas!

blazer 4Sub in the Blazer

Graphic tees and jeans are a classic mom-on-the-go outfit combo. Sure you could throw on your coat, denim jacket, or even a cardigan to keep you warm and complete the look… but why not try a blazer for that added style factor? You’ll feel like a cool, edgy lady… no matter how many kids you’re wrangling that day!

And a little shameless plug here for the COS MOM tee! Do you have one? It’s so versatile! Want more ideas on how to style yours? Check out this post I wrote!

blazer 5Do you own a blazer that hasn’t seen too much action lately? I hope you are inspired to pull out your blazer and try a new outfit combination! And don’t wait for date night or a special occasion… wear it to Costco! To pick up kids at school! Or for a zoom meeting!

You and your day deserve a little added effort and style. Wear the blazer!

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Jaimi is a “type A” person who often feels her life is a bit crazy and chaotic. (Two sets of boy/girl twins might have to do with that.) But she is determined to look for the lovely and enjoyable moments in spite of the craziness, and she wants to encourage other moms along the way. Born and raised in the PNW, Jaimi and her family are new to the Springs. They enjoy exploring new places and hitting the road in their RV. She and her husband of 14 years are self-proclaimed coffee & wine snobs and often quote Parks & Rec in casual conversation. Jaimi enjoys living in the Pike’s Peak region and is excited to meet new mom friends!