30 Before 30


This month, I turn 29. One more year in my twenties! When writing this article, all I could think about was the Tim McGraw song, My Next Thirty Years, where he says, “I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age, the ending of an era, and the turning of a page.”  As much as I feel like I shouldn’t want to get older, it somehow excites me to no longer be a part of this age group, lumped in with all the stereotypes of your twenties — the “young and dumb,” the partiers, those in college or fresh out of college, those trying to get their life together…  I’ve always felt much older than my years, and therefore have never really fit in with those my age, so turning 30 feels like a reason to celebrate.  

Last month, I started thinking about things I want to do before I turn 30.  So like any self-respecting overthinker, I turned to Google to help me flesh out some ideas.  Turns out, most of the lists I found are for single people without children… not a mom who’s married, owns a house and has a savings account.  So I decided to make my own list — one that actually fit me and the stage of life I’m in (perhaps some of you are in this stage, as well).  

I’m using this list to celebrate life before hitting the next big milestone.  Feel free to use it and modify it to fit your life and desires. Maybe I’ll come back a year from now and update how this next year goes! 

30 Things Before 30 Years:

1. Take a cruise.

I’ve told my husband (who is also turning 30 next year!) that we should take a cruise by ourselves for our birthdays! I hope he agrees!! 

2. Go to a concert. 

3. Finish decorating my house!

We moved in last November, and it’s still very much a work in progress…

4. Read 30 books.

This one will be a challenge for me! 

5. Go camping.

My son has been asking for several years now if we can go camping… this year seems like the time to do it! 

6. Take a cooking class.

I keep eyeing the Sweet Addict Bakery’s classes! 

7. Pay for someone else’s food.

I always have wanted to do this in a drive thru, but always feel rushed and unprepared…this year’s the year! 

8. Go to a hot spring for the day.

9. Get into a fitness routine.

I have seriously done nothing for my health since my daughter was born… and she’ll be 2 in a couple months…. Yikes. It’s time to change that! 

10. Ride in a hot air balloon.

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! The giant balloons are always so mesmerizing to me at the Labor Day Liftoff in town! 

11. Grow a garden. 

12. Complete a sewing project.

I have a sewing machine that I rarely use, as it’s not something I can just pull out quickly and do, especially with my toddler running around! It’s always so cool to be able to make something all by yourself, though! 

13. Host a neighborhood party. 

I am so eager to start a tradition in our new neighborhood – a block party

14. Attend a marriage conference. 

15. Take family photos.

This has been on the list since last year! It’s so much work to get things scheduled, outfits picked, weather to cooperate, etc. but it’s SO worth it! 

16. Do the Incline.

This one is just to say I did it. I don’t run, don’t really hike, don’t feel the need to push myself that far, physically. 🤣 But everyone who lives in the Springs has to do the Incline at least once, right? 

17. Visit a new state.

I’m sitting at 35/50 states right now, and would love to reach all 50 one day! 

18. Send snail mail each month.

I love this lost art! I want to get into the habit of sending mail to those I love this year! 

19. Make homemade ice cream. Yum! 

20. Visit a new MLB stadium.

A few years back, I gave my husband a map with all the MLB parks on it, with stickers you can put on the ones you’ve visited. One day, we hope to be able to visit them all! 

21. Go to a drive-in movie.

There’s not one in the Springs, the closest ones are either in Denver or Pueblo.

22. Eat at a 5-star restaurant. 

23. Have tea at Glen Eyrie.

I’ve had my eye on this for years! They have a menu that rotates with each season and looks delicious! 

24. Get a bag of candy at a candy store.

I haven’t done this since I was a little kid! 

25. Have a game night with friends. 

26. Bake a new dessert every month.

I love to bake, and my family loves when I do, too! Haha!

27. Attend an Avalanche game.

I was supposed to attend one last year, but my daughter was still too clingy to be left with someone else for several hours at the time.

28. Pick fruit.

This Georgia girl was so excited to learn that the peaches here are equally as delicious! I’d love to go to Palisade and pick peaches this year! 

29. Throw a Friendsgiving. 

30. Go on vacation with friends.

We met friends in Kansas City a couple months ago and had a blast. We are hoping to make it more of a routine thing! 

How many of these do you think I can check off the list? What are some you would add??