This is the final post in a three-part series about buying local food. The other pieces are titled "Why I Quit the Supermarket" and "How To Buy Local Food."

I can’t tell you all about local food without sharing information about some of Colorado Springs’ favorite farms, right? 

This list isn’t comprehensive. It’s meant to get you started with some of our city’s favorite food producers, so you have a higher chance of success on your local food journey! 

Market + Produce + Milk + Honey

Meat + Eggs

Breads + Grains

Grow Your Own Garden

Love for Local Food

Thanks for reading along with this local food series! I hope it’s given you inspiration to enjoy and explore food in the kitchen with your families, and to discover how wonderful it is to know your local farmers. 

This is the third piece in a series. Read the other two posts here: Why I Quit the Supermarket and How to Buy Local Food.

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