How to Create More Celebration Everyday



The idea of a celebration sometimes intimidates me.

After all, the movies portray celebrations as elaborate parties: loud music, dancing, fancy appetizers, detailed decorations. Or on the other side- wild, booze-filled brawls . Neither of those types of celebration translates into my everyday reality; let’s just say that my home is very much lacking prosciutto-wrapped melon nibbles.

I’m totally OK with that. Because although we may be short on extravagant festivities, our home is very much an incubator for celebrations. We celebrate potty victories. We celebrate kind, respectful behavior. We celebrate a beautiful day with a spontaneous picnic lunch. We celebrate a dreary, wet day with tea parties and movie nests. We celebrate Daddy’s DIY projects by cheering him on and often “helping.” We celebrate the beauty of a wild-color sunset by stopping and watching in awe.

Opportunities to celebrate are abundant in even the mundane, but it takes a present mind and heart to see them. I rely on my five physical senses to help recognize a possible reveling moment. (Or six senses, if you count that bonus mommy-sense which enables us to pinpoint the exact moment the toddler is “cleaning” the toilet with her brother’s toothbrush. Again.)

Our physical senses offer an invitation for miniature moment-by-moment celebrations. These fleeting blips of pleasure are ideal chances to celebrate the here and now.

When we pause to soak in a positive sensation, it becomes a moment to remember in the day. A moment of wonder that morphs into worship, because “Thank You” is the natural response to wonder. That breath of worship turns into a significant marker which has the power to reverse even an upturned bowl of applesauce on a newly cleaned floor. Worship naturally lifts our eyes up, and when the gaze of our heart is focused on something bigger than ourselves, our attitudes are predisposed to praise.

It’s a positive cycle. Allowing yourself to revel in the softness of your newborn’s skin gives way to wonder. Wonder to thanks. Thanks to worship. Worship to praise. Praising hearts are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to wonder.

Stopping and capturing the awe of a pleasurable sensation is a sincere celebration. The best part is that it requires nothing but a present spirit. A heart that revels in the here and now because it sees the beauty in everyday moments.

Stopping and capturing the awe of a pleasurable sensation is a sincere celebration. The best part is that it requires nothing but a present spirit.

A simple celebration. No fancy appetizers, no streamers, no champagne, no noise-makers necessary. (Of course, most of us are blessed with permanent noise-makers running around our homes barefoot). 😉

Smell. See. Touch. Hear. Taste. Stop. Linger. Wonder. Give thanks for that sensation.

You might just find that when every pleasure becomes a praise party, life tends to sparkle a little bit more. But I can’t promise that champagne is going to magically appear in your fridge.


  1. I love this.
    What a wonderful way to go through life.
    And what a wonderful thing to pass on to your children.
    Lucky kids!! 🙂

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