My husband and I just celebrated 8 years of marriage (wahoo!) Now more than ever, getting out of the house and into a restaurant for date nights is a requirement for our annual celebration. It feels magical to sit in a restaurant without any toddlers to wrangle or blowouts to change — seriously my baby ALWAYS poops on the way to a restaurant, what is up with that?!

date nights

Date Nights: Tradition or Adventure

The last several years, we have gone to the Broadmoor and rotated restaurants on their property, but COVID-19 messed with our traditions and we had to think outside the box. For better or for worse (ironic right?!) we had to pick a new eatery for our night out!

We ended up at Bonny & Read and it was so delicious. We joked while we were eating that if it weren’t for COVID, we would be at the Broadmoor like normal but it was exciting (albeit a tad bit nerve-wrecking) to discover something new! And since we are so obsessed with tradition, there is a good chance we will be back here next year! Haha!

I know there are many couples like us who love to go back to the same places, but I also know it feels good to jump on the adventure train and find something new! We have so many fun eateries in town and we have rounded up some of the best for you! Because we know not every anniversary allows for the most splurgy of budgets, we included several different price points, so you can find one that works best for you!






I don’t know if you find yourself a week (or day) before your anniversary, trying to figure out where to go. Feel free to check out one of these tried & true local restaurants that couples all around town have been celebrating at for years!

** Please keep in mind that COVID does change things. Some of these places may be closed or have adjusted hours. We recommend calling ahead of time to just double-check their operation hours and to also make a reservation.

date nights