Expecting? Why You Want the Tummy Shield

We are thankful to Safe Ride 4 Kids for providing this sponsored post. All opinions and views are my own.

Once you announce you’re expecting, everyone seems to have advice. What to expect. What types of products “you just have to have.” Well, today I’m jumping on this bandwagon. I promise if you are pregnant, hoping to be or know anyone who is, you’ll want to know about Tummy Shield.

Auto Accidents & Pregnant Women

Did you know that auto accidents are the single largest cause of death for pregnant women? In addition, about 3,000 pregnancies end every year as a result of vehicle crashes. That’s several times the number of victims between infancy and four years old.

Let that sink in.

Last summer my husband, toddler and I were t-boned. I watched as the other car slammed into my husband’s door. For several seconds (which felt like eternity), all I heard was silence. In those moments between the car coming to a spinning stop and the sound of my daughter’s cry, I didn’t know whether she was alive.

I remember feeling so thankful that I wasn’t expecting at the time.

But Now I Am & I Wear Tummy Shield

We can’t always control what happens on the road. But we can control what safety measures we take to protect our children and ourselves every time we get into a car.

I am driving with peace of mind due to the amazing product I’m pictured wearing in the photo above: Tummy Shield from Safe Ride 4 Kids.

Tummy Shield redirects the seat belt, securing at the leg. Much better than across the low belly, where it can injure your unborn baby. It is the only maternity seat belt positioner that is strength tested and crash tested to ensure it will withstand crash energy and the seat belt will still work as intended.

It also makes wearing a seat belt when pregnant more comfortable. And it’s easy to install and move from driver’s seat to passenger’s seat.

As soon as I learned I was expecting again, I bought this product. I wish more women and doctors were aware of it.The Tummy Shield has helped me feel more at ease.  Head to the “partners” section in the profile of our Instagram page for a  closer look and personal video tutorial of how this product looks and works!

Tummy Shield Discount Code

Use the discount code COSMOMS for $15 OFF a Tummy Shield purchase. It will help take you one step closer to safer driving during pregnancy.

As you make room in your life for baby, make room in your budget for safety from the start.”

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