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Few things can prepare you for the sheer volume of decisions you will make as a parent. From the mind-numbingly benign (change his diaper now or later? this brand of applesauce or that?) to those that will supposedly shape the trajectory of your child’s life (hello, nine months of name discussions) you are making decisions all the time.

If you’re trying to find a pediatrician for your child, we’re here to help. Before we get to our favorite pediatricians, your fellow mamas at the Colorado Springs Moms Blog offer a few things to consider.

Trust your gut. Find a doctor that makes you and your kids feel comfortable!

If you find that you simply don’t connect, or feel at all uncomfortable with the pediatrician, it is perfectly acceptable to move on to another doctor. After all, this is the person who will watch your child grow and guide you in their well-being (not to mention potentially catch a major problem). Having an easy relationship really does make a difference in finding a pediatrician that works for your family.

Find someone you can openly converse with, someone who respects you even if they disagree with you. You are the parent and spend the most time with your child, and they have the medical degree. Ultimately you should be able to respect the fact that you have the same goal: the best health for your child.

Consider what it will be like to drive across town with a sick kiddo in your car – proximity to your home or office can be very helpful. There’s nothing wrong with using the closest office that accepts your insurance.

Look for someone who works well with kids – surprisingly, not all pediatricians do! Raising a child is no small thing, so someone who can educate you while engaging your kids in a comforting, respectful, and even fun manner can go a long way.

With those elements in mind, here are a few of our favorite pediatricians in several areas of town, along with personal reviews from our contributors (in italics).



Iron Horse Pediatrics
555 E Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
(also with a North Powers location)
(719) 633-3850

Iron Horse has four pediatricians and three physician’s assistants on staff, however several of our contributors take their children to Dr. Kerri Bagnall. Here’s what they had to say about her:

Dr. Bagnall is calm and level-headed. She has a great hands-on approach to treating our son and makes the appointment about him, and not us. She listens to our concerns and answers all kinds of questions. She respects our thoughts on matters, even if we are more concerned than she is. I appreciate that she does not create more anxiety but educates instead.

Other things to know about the practice:
They have a 24-hour hotline staffed by registered nurses. Each time I have called they have been incredibly helpful and resourceful.

Iron Horse also works with St. Francis, so if you are a new mother and plan on using them, your pediatrician will be at the hospital to meet and do the initial examinations on your newborn (in addition to circumcision, if interested).

Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids?
Yes, and they often try and schedule young infants and healthy kids earlier in the day.

Do they accept TriCare?
Yes, and it may be helpful to know they also accept Colorado Access/CHP+

Words used to describe the office staff:
Kind, personable, efficient, friendly

Favorite aspect of the office:

  • I appreciate their online patient portal that collects information from every visit we make.
  • The exam rooms each have a different large mural on the wall. My son’s favorite room has a wall-to-wall Beatrix Potter scene. (It’s the small things!)
  • Great service. Dr. Bagnall truly cares for your kids–your whole family– and will do what she can to keep everyone taken care of.



ABC Pediatrics (part of Mountainview Medical Group)
8890 N Union Blvd, Suite 220, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 574-9191

Our contributors had this to say about two of the pediatricians at ABC:

Dr. Kirsten Nelson
Dr. Nelson is amazing. Especially with my first child, she gave me advice on everything when I needed it. I have no family in town to lean on for advice or questions on what was normal and what wasn’t with my son. She was always there for me. Even when he had to be hospitalized, she personally called me on her own time to check up on him. No question was ever stupid. I feel like she is family to us. I 100% recommend ABC, especially Dr. Nelson for first-time parents.

Dr. John Kim
Dr. Kim and his nurses are excellent listeners. He always provides options for my boys’ medical care so that my hubby and I can make choices we feel comfortable with. He works with us and we have never felt pressured into any plan of action. He is very understanding and always makes all of us feel at ease.

Other things to know about the practice:
They believe in vaccines but are hesitant to prescribe antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I’ve always felt like I have a say in how we treat my children and that my opinion is valued and respected. They are all about including you in whatever treatment is being presented.

They offer Saturday appointments, and making an appointment is super easy. I’ve never had a problem getting my kids in on the same day when they are sick. They even have after hours on weekdays and weekends when the office is closed for kids who are super sick and could not be fit into normal hours.

Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids?
No, but they do try and schedule healthy kids earlier in the day.

Do they accept TriCare?

Words used to describe the office staff:
A well-oiled machine, friendly, compassionate, caring

Favorite aspect of the office:

  • They are always keeping everything clean and I am always able to get my kids in when they need to be seen.
  • Great aquarium in the lobby!

Pediatric Specialists (also part of Mountain View Medical Group, but this location is further northeast)

6071 E Woodmen Rd, Suite 105, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Many offices we’re profiling (including Pediatric Specialists) have several pediatricians on staff. Our contributors recommend interviewing doctors to find the pediatrician you connect with best.

Dr. Robert Underhill
Dr. Underhill listens well and never prescribes too quickly. But I value his professional opinion when he does recommend something.

What else to know about the office:
When calling to make an appointment, they answer immediately and schedule me when it’s convenient for me. I’ve had more than a 15-minute wait past my appointment time before, but I would say generally that’s not typical.

Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids?

Do they accept TriCare?

Words used to describe the office staff:
Very friendly, busy but attentive

Favorite aspect of the office:
The atmosphere – there’s plenty to keep the kiddos occupied in the waiting room.



Broadmoor Valley Pediatrics
1230 Tenderfoot Hill Road, Suite 255, 
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 576-5437

Dr. LuAnne Sperando

Dr. Sperando listens to parents and doesn’t assume she knows what the child needs when the parent might disagree. She is quick to listen and validates concerns (without letting the parent go crazy with all kinds of “what if” possibilities). While she isn’t quick to prescribe medicine when she knows the body can fight the infection, she is also very compassionate to parents and children who might need the medication to alleviate the suffering rather than letting the body deal with it on its own (i.e. the steroids my son gets for croup).

Other things to know about the practice:
If I call in the morning because my child is sick, they have always seen me that same day. One time when they could tell my son was struggling to breathe due to croup, I called at 4:00 P.M., and they told me just to come to the office without an appointment. They saw me right away without an appointment and got my son the steroids he needed to open up his airways.

They suggest that children be vaccinated.

Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids?
Yes. There is a small room with toys, and another room of just chairs. However it is the responsibility of the adult to make sure that their sick child doesn’t play on the toys.

Do they accept TriCare:
Kind of. They do not have a contract with TriCare; however, they will see a patient with TriCare, bill them the full amount, and then it is the responsibility of the patient to submit the paperwork to TriCare to be reimbursed.

Words used to describe the office staff:
Calm, compassionate, efficient, engaged

Favorite aspect of the office:
Windows all around; it seems light and airy that way.


Several of our contributors have found the after-hours Pediatric Urgent Care run by Children’s Hospital extremely helpful. Located on the second floor of an office building behind the King Soopers at Union and Briargate (basically across from Memorial North Hospital), this urgent care is clean and efficient.

Their office hours run from 5 P.M. to midnight on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends, which may be crucial if your child (like mine) had a tendency to get sick after your pediatrician’s office is closed for the evening or weekend! They often do follow-up calls to make sure your child is on the mend and answer any lingering questions.


Do you have a pediatrician who has made your parenting life easier? Share below!



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