Stretchy Pants and Surrogacy: The Ultimate Sacrifice

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Pregnancy is one of the most admirable sacrifices a woman makes in her lifetime. The result of intense morning sickness, countless sleepless nights, and many trips to the bathroom is a beautiful bundle of joy; a baby to call her own. But, there are couples who long to experience the ups and downs of expecting and then the delivery of a child. Many of these couples have exhausted all their options in creating a family, except for one – surrogacy. 

That’s where organizations, such as Colorado Surrogacy come in. They match surrogates specifically from Colorado with intended parents from all over the world. They pair those families who want so much to have their own baby with those who would be selfless enough to volunteer their time, their body, and their heart.



The heartbeat of this organization are the people who make up its team, beginning with the collaboration between two sisters. For many years, one sister struggled with infertility as the other provided legal assistance to families using assisted reproductive technologies. It was clear to both sisters that there was a huge need for personalized surrogate matching services. Together, they created an organization to specialize in helping local surrogates -tending to their needs as they selflessly give and being a thoughtful mediator between surrogate and family.

Of course, surrogates are compensated for this hugely significant act. Colorado Surrogacy starts their volunteers out at $35,000 in base compensation and who will also receive other monthly allowances that go towards both housekeeping and maternity clothes.


Well, in the words of one mom, “surrogacy was my gift to their family.” Surrogacy creates an intimate connection between you and the intended parents changing both of your lives forever. Besides the strong memory of In addition to the undeniable bond that is formed, and a valid excuse to wear stretchy pants, other reasons to become a surrogate include:

  • The Joy that comes with creating life and giving it to those who want it most
  • Formalized Compensation that spans the entirety of the pregnancy
  • Medical Care that covers pregnancy related costs
  • A Community of women who have walked through surrogacy and will surround you in support

Although surrogacy creates a special connection between you and the family you are helping, it’s important to remember that Colorado Surrogacy only handles gestational surrogacy which means that the baby is not genetically related to you. Your connection with the family only goes as far as your gift of carrying their baby, not their DNA. 


There are a few requirements for the woman who intends on becoming a surrogate – but overall, if you are both emotionally and physically healthy, and financially sound, then this is an option for you. Other than those more tangible requirements, surrogacy is for the woman who gets deep satisfaction from helping others and joy from seeing others dreams come true. For most surrogates, it’s not about the money – it’s about changing lives, by helping create them.


surrogacyMy friend Brooke who went through surrogacy herself shared a little bit from her own story with me. This is how she became a surrogate, helping a friend in need. These are her words: 

My story is a little different because I wasn’t asked.  I volunteered. At the time, I was Coordinator for a large MOPS group in Southern California.  I had three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2.  According to that schedule, I was due -overdue- to get pregnant and have another baby.  But my husband was stationed in San Diego almost 2 hours away and was looking at another deployment with the Navy soon.  I didn’t feel like we really needed another child.  My close friend Jenny had been through a stillbirth at 6 months, several years before I knew her. While she had one daughter the same age as my youngest son, that pregnancy had been very difficult – she spent most of the time in the hospital trying to keep her daughter from being born prematurely. After that, she was told that she could not have any more children. It was heartbreaking, and unbearable, to watch my friend go through so much difficulty.  I had never had any problems in my own pregnancies and I looked at my own 3 kids in wonder. I felt called to help. 

I called my friend one day and asked her if she had ever considered using a surrogate and if she would consider me.  She cried and she laughed. I was good at making babies but I did not need any more kids. Her body was broken but her family was not complete. When we told our husbands, they couldn’t help but agree.
She came to all of my appointments, brought me the food I was craving, and made me laugh when I was hurting.  When the delivery required an emergency c-section, she stayed by my side in the delivery room until they put me out.  When I woke up, she told me my tummy looked amazingly flat. She stayed with me in the hospital, waking up with the baby to feed her while I slept.  It was a wonderful division of labor. Her daughter is now ten years old, and a redhead!


After making the decision, Brooke said this,

“If this is something you feel called to do, inform yourself about the process and go with your heart.  Surround yourself with people who support your decision and just enjoy it.  And wear stretchy pants as soon as possible.”

Colorado Surrogacy makes the process to become a surrogate easy and uncomplicated. They are the people who will both inform your decision, help you carry it out, and support you every step of the way. Colorado Surrogacy outlines the entire process, with the promise that within 48 hours of filling out their initial intake form, you’ll know if the road to surrogacy is for you.

It certainly was for my friend, and it can be for you too