Heather and her family relocated from Montana to Colorado Springs a year ago. As a stay-at-home mom to her preschool-aged children, Heather feels lucky to have a husband who works from home to lend a hand when things get hectic. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and their border collie mix, and tries to do so as often as possible. In her free time, Heather enjoys reading, practicing yoga and Pilates, and connecting with other moms in the area.
Spring Cleaning mom and young daughter cleaning a table together while smiling

Spring Cleaning, Family-Style: Setting Goals & Involving the Kids

As spring approaches, my urge to tidy-up magnifies. Honestly, I enjoy a good organization project any time of the year, but the arrival of spring gives me a little extra pep in my step....
Preschool child holding up a paper collage with a butterfly made of leaves.

Crafting Memories: Play-Based Learning Projects for Preschoolers

My husband and I chose to keep our kiddos home longer than what seems the norm today. Despite embracing the let kids be kids adage, I still want to ensure my kids learn and...
mom homeschooling young daughter

Mindful Homeschooling for Newbies: Finding Your Way

My first month of homeschooling has been a whirlwind of learning and growth. As a newbie in this homeschooling journey, I dove into books and blogs, gathered curriculums, and printed worksheets, eager to provide...
Woman laying in a pile of autumn leaves

Embracing Mindfulness: Transitioning from Summer to Fall as a Family

As I experience summer begin to fade, I can’t help but notice myself struggling with the changing of seasons. I really, really like sunshine and warmth. This is my happy place where I more...
stressed mom in her child's nursery

How My 4-Year Old Taught Me to Recognize and Manage Stress

Not too long ago, in the hustle of our morning routine, my sweet four-year old suddenly halted in his tracks, sighed, and matter-of-factly told me, “Mom, you’re stressing me out.” His honesty forced me...