I am married to a wonderful cook named Bret(Thank goodness because I love to eat but not cook). I have two boys that started Kindergarten and Pre-school this year. I am thankful they are fed at school as they try to eat us out of house and home. We love to hike, game, swim, watch Bluey and anything with Superheroes and read. Currently, I teach history at Southern New Hampshire University online. Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons as I love the heat but also watching the leaves change and the nights turn crisp. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays, and my house is decorated from September to the New Year.
spring mindfulness with a mom and child picking flowers

Spring Mindfulness

I am not a huge fan of spring. It takes too long for me. I become tired of the back-and-forth between cold and nice weather. I grew up in Southern California, so I was...
boy looking out the window during a storm

Littles are Always Listening: Hail and Thunderstorms are Scary

It is easy to forget that our children are always listening and paying attention even when we think they are not. I was reminded of this as my youngest developed a severe fear of...
woman near christmas tree, stressed and holding her had to her head.

Christmas Overstimulation Avoidance (for the Faint-Hearted)

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the lights, decorating, delicious food, buying gifts, parties, etc. The only issue is how easy it is to become overstimulated by everything. There are so...
light up trick or treating boy holding a halloween lantern

Lights for Trick or Treating

The first time we went trick-or-treating with our children it was indoors at a mall. This was fairly easy except for a couple of scrapes or falls. As my littles have gotten older, however,...
Woman roasting vegetables in her oven

The Value of Side Dishes

I am not a fan of cooking. I have never wanted to bake a lasagna from scratch or spend more than a half hour preparing a meal. This can make preparing three meals a...
boy at kitchen table doing school work

Keeping up with Learning in the Summer

My littles were so excited for school to be out for summer. My son did not want any more homework, reading, math, etc. The youngest felt excited for play time and no more writing...
woman laying on couch while sick

Lack of Sleep = Getting Sick

I hate being sick. I tend to try to go go go and experience and do a lot. When I get sick, it is usually my body reminding me that I need to take...
leprechaun trap made by a child

Trying to Catch a Leprechaun!

So, my oldest little came home this year with tales of his friends celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by trying to catch a Leprechaun. I was a little dumbfounded, as I had never heard of...
juggling motherhood featured image with a mom sitting on a bed with her kids

Parenthood: Some Weird Juggling Guessing Game

My kids are going through a phase where they like to hit themselves in the head and talk meanly to themselves. I am not sure if I should do something or take bets on...
three pairs of feet wearing cozy socks resting in front of a fire in a fireplace.

How To Recover from the Holidays

Ok, so we made it through December and the New Year (or if you’re like me, Halloween to the end of the year). All the holidays, parties, festivals, lights, and such are over. We...