My Whole30 Journey: What I Lost and Gained


On my Whole30 journey, I experienced not just a physical transformation through losing pounds and inches, but a profound shift in my overall well-being. I embarked on this 30-day elimination program alongside thousands of others on January 1st. Whole30 focuses on reducing highly problematic foods like dairy, gluten, and alcohol were replaced by whole, nutritious alternatives like vegetables, meats, and fruits. The results were not merely reflected on the scale; they permeated every aspect of my life.

What I Lost

Physically, I bid farewell to seven pounds and four inches within that month—a remarkable achievement. Yet, beyond the numbers, I lost the brain fog that used to cloud my afternoons. The constant redness in my skin subsided. And the late-night cravings for sugary treats vanished. In losing these elements of my former self, I found renewed vitality and clarity.

What I Gained

In contrast to what I lost was what I gained. Through Whole30, I acquired the confidence to experiment in my kitchen, embracing a variety of foods that previously wouldn’t have graced my pantry. I forged deeper connections with loved ones who joined on the journey, sharing in the triumphs of our newfound health. Financially, I found stability as I cooked more at home, diminishing the frequency of eating out. Even my seasonal allergies abated, allowing me to breathe more freely. Amidst it all, I collected a trove of delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that promise to sustain me for years to come.

The Outcome

Upon completing my Whole30, I indulged in a day or two of off-plan items, only to realize they no longer held the same appeal or made me feel as good as I remembered. In pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle, I’ve resolved to embark on another 30 days of healthy eating.  I will keep a flexible mindset open to reassessment based on my evolving goals—perhaps shifting to an 80/20 diet, or perhaps not.

The Best Part of Whole30

What truly sets Whole30 apart is its accessibility. Founded on the principle of providing health resources to the masses, the program, spearheaded by Melissa Urban, is entirely free. With comprehensive online resources including tried-and-tested recipes, participants need only cover the cost of their chosen foods. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast seeking creative expression or someone craving simplicity, Whole30 offers unparalleled flexibility tailored to individual needs.

My Whole30 journey transcended mere physical changes, encompassing a holistic transformation that revitalized my body, mind, and lifestyle. Through this experience, I’ve gained invaluable insights into nutrition, discovered newfound culinary passions, and cultivated a healthier, more sustainable approach to eating. Whole30 isn’t just a diet; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, offering the tools and support needed to reclaim control of one’s health and well-being.

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Chelsea is originally from Florida, but has lived all over the US (FL, NC, MI, DC, VA, OR, WA, SC, DE, TX, and AL). Being in the military will do that to you. She is a Major in the Air Force, a Mental Health Counselor, and the owner of Limitless Life Coaching, LLC. Chelsea has been married to the best guy, Michael, for the last 10 years. Together they have three kiddos Lillian (5), Aiden (3), and Isaac (9 months) plus a mutt pupper who is 12 years old. They have been in Colorado for the last 2 years (the longest location so far!) and they’re hoping to settle down soon. Chelsea's favorite things are Jesus, people, and nature.


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