Chelsea is originally from Florida, but has lived all over the US (FL, NC, MI, DC, VA, OR, WA, SC, DE, TX, and AL). Being in the military will do that to you. She is a Major in the Air Force, a Mental Health Counselor, and the owner of Limitless Life Coaching, LLC. Chelsea has been married to the best guy, Michael, for the last 10 years. Together they have three kiddos Lillian (5), Aiden (3), and Isaac (9 months) plus a mutt pupper who is 12 years old. They have been in Colorado for the last 2 years (the longest location so far!) and they’re hoping to settle down soon. Chelsea's favorite things are Jesus, people, and nature.
children's hospital child holding stuffed animal in a hospital bed

Echoes of Gratitude: Reflections on Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Gratitude in Crisis Our family recently found ourselves thrust into a whirlwind of fear and uncertainty when our youngest faced a breathing scare, initiating an unexpected three-day hospital journey. Despite the unexpected and harrowing ordeal,...
whole 30 featured image

My Whole30 Journey: What I Lost and Gained

On my Whole30 journey, I experienced not just a physical transformation through losing pounds and inches, but a profound shift in my overall well-being. I embarked on this 30-day elimination program alongside thousands of...
taylor's version albums

The Early Years: Revisiting Taylor’s Version Albums

As the years pass, revisiting the music of our past often takes on a bittersweet tone. Taylor Swift, a defining artist of our generation, has left an indelible mark with her soulful lyrics and...
mom with a young child working in front of a laptop

The Hidden Difficulties of a Part-Time Stay-at-Home Mom

In the realm of parenthood, a spectrum of roles exists that mothers occupy. At one end, the stay-at-home moms dedicate their days to the care and upbringing of their children. At the other end,...
Joyful Spaces organization

Conquering Clutter With Joyful Spaces

I am a mom drowning in a sea of toys that seems to multiply overnight. But I am not unique. Many parents face the challenge of managing the never-ending influx of toys into their...
Ragnar Race

My Unforgettable Ragnar Race in Colorado’s Mountains

Are you passionate about camping and running? Are you up for a thrilling adventure that involves pushing your limits while connecting with fellow enthusiasts? If so, I've got an extraordinary opportunity to share with...
woman holding a cupcake

Unveiling Birthday Freebies in the Springs: Celebrate in Style!

Celebrate your birthday in style with amazing freebies! Colorado Springs offers an abundance of establishments providing fantastic birthday treats, ensuring a memorable day. From mouthwatering treats to pampering beauty services and exciting shopping discounts,...
Mom laying on a towel at the beach while her kids sit on her back

Encouragement for the Tired Mama

An open letter for the mama who needs encouragement: Dear Mama, I want to start by saying how amazing you are. You are a superhero in every sense of the word. You juggle multiple tasks simultaneously,...