DIY Book Ornament


book ornamentA few years ago, I saw the cutest ornament filled with little books. My friend explained how she created it and told me those were all the books she had read that year. I fell in love with this book ornament idea immediately! I went home I tried it out for myself. I decided to try using all the books I had read that year too.

I wanted to ensure I knew how easy or complicated this ornament would be before trying to craft this with my daughters. I can honestly tell you it was simple, but took a while. The longest part for them was having to cut out all the books. Their favorite part was getting to decide which books they wanted inside their ornaments and placing the stickers on the books. For reference, my eight-year-old could do every step independently, while my five-year-old needed more assistance since there were so many books to cut out. Overall, we had a blast and will definitely be doing it again!

Now, let me take you step by step:

List of Supplies

  • clear ornament (whichever size you like)
  • white foam sheet 8×11
  • white sticker paper
  • stickers to label ornament (optional)
  • ribbon to tie onto of ornament (optional)

Creating the Books

First, use this Canva template to input the covers for your books. You can simply copy and paste images straight into this template from cover images you find in an Internet search. If you have never used Canvas before, it is a very user-friendly site.

Next, print the template onto the sticker paper. You need to print two copies so you have a sticker for each side of the book. After, place one of the sticker papers on the white foam sheet. Make sure to press down from the center and move outward to ensure no bubbles form.

Then, cut out each book from the white foam sheet and the additional sticker paper. Once you have all the books cut find the matches and stick together.

Stuffing the Ornament

Last, stuff all the adorable books inside your ornament and tie the bow on top! You can add some stickers to the exterior of the ornament “Our Favorite Books of 2023,” and every year, you can reminisce about the wonderful tales you read!

I hope you have as much fun as I did crafting these sweet ornaments! Don’t forget to tag me @aspen.schoolhouse on IG so I can see your creations!


  1. Last year for Christmas my husband purchased a kindle for me. Ever since then, I’ve missed having the books I’ve read on display for the year. This is such a beautiful and meaningful way to do just that.

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