Conquering Clutter With Joyful Spaces

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I am a mom drowning in a sea of toys that seems to multiply overnight. But I am not unique. Many parents face the challenge of managing the never-ending influx of toys into their homes.

I had the privilege of receiving help from Joyful Spaces, a local professional organizer, to bring organization to the chaos of toy overload.

cluttered toy roomFinding Space and Sanity

One of the key challenges I faced was finding space for all these toys while maintaining a welcoming and organized living environment. The struggle to strike a balance between creating a child-friendly space and maintaining order was incredibly frustrating.

Joyful Spaces specializes in helping families find practical and creative solutions for cluttered areas.

Joyful Spaces Discovery Session

Initially, the Joyful Spaces team came for a Discovery Session. During this session, they were able to see the space in which I needed the most help: the toy room. They were able to take stock of the number of items that we would need to organize. After the session, they researched the perfect containers for my space. They took the time and effort to create a sustainable solution for when the “big day” would come: the Organizing Session

Assessing the Situation

The first step in the home organization process was to assess the current state of my toy room. Emma and Carrie, my personal home organizers, worked with me to understand my specific needs, priorities, and concerns related to toy organization. They accounted for my vision for an organized room and were completely non-judgemental during the process.

Decluttering and Sorting

With the assessment complete, Emma and Carrie wasted no time decluttering and sorting. Joyful Spaces helped me go through my children’s toys, separating them into categories such as keep, donate, and discard. This process allowed me to pare down our toy collection to a manageable size, reducing the overall clutter. They could complete the task while allowing me the necessary space to work through the process.

Storage Solutions

I chose to buy some of the items that Joyful Spaces recommended to maximize space and accessibility, but they also were more than happy to utilize the organization tools that I had on hand. Ultimately, the goal was to create a system that worked for my family’s unique needs.

Maintaining the Organization

After Emma and Carrie did the hard work of organizing and separating our toys, they did not just leave us with a neatly organized space; they also offered guidance on maintaining the organization. They had wonderful and personalized ideas for establishing routines and encouraging family involvement to sustain the order in my home.

Before and After Joyful SpacesMy Joyful Space

My final step in the home organization process was to enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free toy room. With toys neatly organized and accessible, we could reclaim our play space, reduce stress, and create a more harmonious family environment.

The need for a home organizer was evident when faced with the challenges of managing excess toys in a home that little ones lived in. The Joyful Spaces team provided a wonderful and non-judgemental experience.  Even a month after Emma and Carrie came to organize, our toy room still looks as it did when they left!

Before Joyful SpacesAfter Joyful Spaces

Joyful Sapces offers professional organizing for any space: kitchen, closet, office, business space, playroom, garage or your entire home! They can work together or organize the space for you. Their declutter, organize and style process is sure to make life easier. Learn more at

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