Happy to Host


HappytoHost Featured Image with a guest bed and gift basketWhen we were in the process of building our house, we decided to take a leap of faith and finish out the basement so we would be able to host people comfortably.  We built our house with the intention of being hospitable. Not to say that the decision was easy—it added a significant amount of money to the final price of our house. But we decided we wanted to be in a position to help others when the situation arose. And months later, we can definitely say it was worth it!

Last month, my family became a host family for a Rocky Mountain Vibes baseball player.  This means that we have an 18-year-old living in our basement for the next few months while he pitches for the Vibes! At the Pioneer League level of baseball, they don’t even make enough money to have their own apartment, so we decided to host a player for the season! It’s been fun getting to know him, watching him play, and having a connection to the team. 

The week before he came, we had a family of five staying in our basement for several days because they had a sewer pipe burst in their own house. They were able to have a free landing spot for a few days instead of having to pay for a hotel, and we were able to spend a lot of time with our friends! 

Why are we so willing to host people? 

There are so many benefits and reasons to invite others into your home! Whether it’s for an extended stay, like our baseball player, or a quick few days, or even just for a meal, hosting others can be such a blessing! 

  • You get to know someone on a deeper level when you are vulnerable enough to invite them into your home. You are able to have good conversation, and there’s just something about sharing a meal with someone that brings people together.
  • Helping others in a time of need can be such a blessing! Being able to serve someone when they need it feels good. Use this time to bless others, instead of focusing on how they will view you or your home. 
  • Hospitality is about showing love to others. As author Rosaria Butterfield says, “…use your home, apartment, dorm room, front yard, community, gymnasium, or garden for the purpose of making strangers into neighbors and neighbors into family.” 

You don’t have to have the perfect home or perfect hosting space. 

Your home doesn’t have to be spotless, and your food doesn’t have to be gourmet. Don’t let perfection steal an opportunity to love on others. Don’t overthink it—when you stress and overthink, hosting others can be overwhelming, which makes it hard to do it a second time!  

If you’re looking for help getting started, my favorite resource for all things hospitality is @marcie.carol.fowler on Instagram! She gives the best advice and tips on how to make hosting easy (no baseboard cleaning involved!) and less stressful. 

Stop waiting for life to slow down to host people, because it’s not going to happen.  If you’re looking for an excuse, you’ll always find one. If possible, make it a point this week to invite someone to your home—start easy, start with just a meal, and work your way up from there. No, it’s not for everybody to have someone you don’t know living in your house for months. But hosting is something anyone can do for a short time! Let yourself be vulnerable and open your home!