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Are you looking for a family fun activity? Does the thought of dinnertime being less stressful and more creative sound good? Dion’s Pizza Kits are the perfect solution. It feels like we have been at home for such a long time, and I don’t know about you, but at our house, dinner has been less than exciting lately. I’m tired of cooking, doing dishes and planning.

Enter Dion’s Pizza Kits

This option at Dion’s Pizza is so much fun and can turn a stressful meal into a fun, family activity and teaching experience for your kids!

We recently got to try out the Dion’s Pizza Kits. I’m going to walk you through step by step so when you are ready to try it, you’ll have all the tips and tricks!

Ordering and Drive-Thru

Here is what I love about these pizza kits: they aren’t pre-selected or one size fits all. You can customize the entire kit. We started out on Dions.com under the “Menu” and selected “Pizza Kits”. You are first prompted to select your size: Small 12”, Medium 14”, or Large 16”. 

  • TIP: I have two boys, 10 and 8. I knew they would want to make their own pizza, but I chose the Large. We ended up splitting the dough in half, and they each made a decent-sized pizza. It was perfect.

Next, choose your toppings. You can choose toppings for the whole pizza or for only half the pizza. There is a tab to choose the meats and also a tab to choose all the other toppings like onions, mushrooms, pineapple, spinach etc. One of my boys wanted pineapple and the other didn’t, so we chose the “half” for pineapple. The pizza kits start at a very reasonable base price, and each topping adds a bit to the total. We loved being able to customize our kit.

You can also order the kits for drive-thru pick up or in the store. If you are running errands and have a car full of kids, simply place the order online and head to the drive-thru. I love how easy Dion’s makes pick up for busy moms!

Making our Pizzas

Our large pizza kit came in two pizza boxes. One box included the dough, sauce and cheese (so much cheese!). The other box was our toppings in individual bowls. We chose pepperoni, smoked ham, Italian sausage, bacon and pineapple! And let me tell you…Dion’s does NOT go light on the toppings. I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of each topping that they sent!

dion's pizza kitsdion's pizza kits

dion's pizza kitsThere are clear baking instructions on a large sticker on the outside of the kit box! We preheated the oven and our pizza stone while we unpacked everything. The only thing you need from your house is some flour to prep the dough!

  • TIP: The sticker on the box also includes a link to watch a video on how to make your pizza! I pulled up the link on my phone and let the boys watch the video. It was awesome showing them how to make the crust. Once they watched the video (about 4 minutes long), my 10-year-old took charge and they basically made the pizzas on their own…which was amazing!

dion's pizza kitsdion's pizza kitsdion's pizza kitsGetting Creative

My boys have very unique personalities, and I loved watching their creativity come out during the process. My oldest is pretty much a rule follower, so he really perfected his pizza as the video showed. He was very particular in placing all his toppings in a certain way. My youngest is a bit more of a goofball. He turned his pizza into a smiling face (he said it was him!). He used pepperoni and sausage for the eyes, smoked ham for the mouth, cheddar cheese for the skin, and bacon for the hair. It was really cute and he couldn’t stop giggling over his face!

dion's pizza kitsdion's pizza kitsThe Results

Our pizzas baked at 450 degrees for about 17 minutes. They looked perfect when we pulled them out of the oven. We have done a few other random pizza kits at home, and I’ll be honest. I’m usually a bit disappointed in how the crust comes out. Our Dion’s crust was absolutely delicious! It was crispy on the bottom but still soft. It really puffed up in the oven, and because we followed the tutorial video, we got pretty professional looking crust. We were super proud of the end result! And, it made so much. Remember how we split the Large dough in half? I would say each of the boys’ pizza came out to be closer to medium size, and we got eight average size slices from each. 

  • TIP: ALWAYS order a side (or a bottle!) of the Dion’s Green Chile Ranch dressing. It is delicious. We love dipping our crust in the sauce or adding it to any and every salad. If you like green chile, you will love this dressing!

dion's pizza kitsSo, if you are feeling tired of cooking (like I have been), don’t hesitate to grab a Dion’s Pizza Kit and get the kids creating their own dinner masterpiece. This was fun for the whole family and really added some “spice” to our stay at home dinner routine! Enjoy!

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