Supporting Women-Owned Businesses in Colorado Springs


As a vibrant city with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, Colorado Springs is home to many impressive women-owned businesses. From innovative event planning services to unique retail concepts and creative studios, these fierce female founders enrich the local community. During Women’s History Month, we celebrate how these trailblazers make history.

Rocky Mountain Sleepovers & Events: Imaginative Experiences for Kids

Amanda and Katie are the duo behind Rocky Mountain Sleepovers & Events. This successful business allows these devoted moms to pursue entrepreneurship while being present for their families. The idea sparked when Amanda’s friend shared her sleepover business, inspiring them to channel creativity into crafting magical children’s experiences.

Personalized Approach

More than just a business, Rocky Mountain Sleepovers & Events is a seamless fusion of motherhood and entrepreneurship – a testament to Amanda and Katie’s ability to truly have it all. With attention to detail and a deep understanding of a child’s unbound imagination, they collaborate closely with parents to bring even the most whimsical concepts to life.

Whether it’s a unicorn-themed dream, a video game adventure, a princess ball, or a race car spectacle, no dream is too fantastical for this dedicated team. The process is seamless, with the dedicated team handling everything from setup to cleanup. As a result, families can immerse themselves in the magic stress-free.

Eclectic CO: A Retail Haven for Local Makers

Peri Bolts and Ani Barrington founded Eclectic CO., a cooperative retail space that reduces barriers. Through their space, they support quality, sustainable, handmade goods and local artisans. Additionally, Eclectic CO offers a platform. With locations downtown and in Old Colorado City, over 80 local makers and vendors showcase unique creations.

Supporting Local Makers

In addition, the Eclectic CO founders – Peri Bolts, Ani Barrington, and Erica Rose Dunford of WayWay Co. – joined forces on Circa Vintage. This fresh concept combines their expertise into an exciting, uniquely Eclectic experience.

Beyond retail, Eclectic fosters a sense of community too. They collaborate with local mom groups on social media and partner with other women-owned businesses. Their commitment to sustainability shows, as they support enterprises promoting environmental and social justice.

REN Creativ & Hapke’s Hortum: Where Creativity Blooms

Award-winning Lauren McKenzie founded REN Creativ. She’s a powerhouse in the local creative industry. After receiving ADDY awards and being named 2021 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she keeps pushing boundaries. Her branding and design agency continues to innovate.

Mentorship and Community Support

When she’s not crafting killer brands for her clients, Lauren mentors aspiring designers and photographers, sharing her expertise and passion for accessible design. During the pandemic, she also spearheaded the “Support the Springs” initiative which rallied the community to uplift local small businesses.

Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit recently led her to open Hapke’s Hortum, a retail houseplant store in Old Colorado City, alongside her partner. This new venture combines her love for plants and her commitment to supporting the local business community.

Somewhere Studio: Inspiring Artistic Innovation

Somewhere Studio, founded by Emily Costa, is a dedicated creative space born from a desire for artistic expansion. The curated studio provides an environment for artistic freedom, allowing creatives to transport themselves “somewhere” through expression.

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

With a decade of experience in the creative field, Emily’s passion for aesthetics and connecting artists in the community shines through in Somewhere Studio’s offerings. Visitors can expect a curated atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration, whether they’re staging a photo shoot, filming a video, or simply seeking inspiration.

The Nurtured Curl: Celebrating Natural Curls

Jami Anderson is the Founder and Curl Specialist at The Nurtured Curl. She is passionate about natural hair textures. Jami is a 7th generation cosmetologist and Colorado native who grew up immersed in the beauty industry with a deep appreciation for curls.

A Curl Expert on a Mission

From her career start in 2006, Jami saw curly hair’s beauty and uniqueness. She rejects the idea that curls need “taming” or “fixing” – curls simply need nurturing. Jami devotedly continues education, researching techniques and products to provide the best service.

But Jami’s mission extends beyond the salon. She wants clients to gain knowledge to care for curls daily, embracing their incredible natural hair. Jami aims to liberate them from curly hair complexities.

Investing in Dreams and Visions that Uplift the Community

From innovative event planners to unique retail concepts and creative havens, these women-owned businesses are shaping the local scene in Colorado Springs. By supporting their endeavors, you’re investing in exceptional products and services and the dreams and visions of passionate female entrepreneurs who positively impact the Colorado Springs community.

Which women-owned business in the Springs is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

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Bren Spector
Bren Spector, a Latinx writer and community advocate originally from Mexico City, now resides in Colorado Springs. As the Community Engagement and Marketing Manager for Resilia, a tech-for-good company, she combines her passion for technology and community building to create a positive social impact. She contributes to the CO Springs Mom Collective blog, sharing her unique perspectives on parenting, local happenings, and the diverse experiences of being a mom. Bren is a parent to Jiah (17) and Ellie Mae (4) and a partner to Jacen. Bren's writing celebrates the eclectic nature of Colorado Springs and shines a spotlight on small businesses while advocating for the COS Latinx community. She uses her platform to amplify voices, share stories, and address critical issues. In her free time, Bren nurtures her beloved houseplant collection, explores the local food scene, and indulges her curiosity in cocktails and beer. Join her on her journey as she embraces motherhood, uncovers hidden treasures in Colorado Springs, and works to impact her community positively.