Dealing with Uncertainty in Motherhood


As moms, I am now convinced we deal with a lot of uncertainty. We are strong, we struggle, we are resilient, we are stubborn… but in all of our forms, WE ARE. Not necessarily fully equipped prior to motherhood, our strength lies in just that: we learn and grow, even through the seasons of uncertainty.

I was recently in the ER with a lot of bleeding. I’m expecting my second baby. In my naivety or panic, I actually thought baby was gone, right away thinking, “I didn’t think this would happen to me.”

Long story short, baby is still with us and I am so thankful. Sitting in the ER for 6 hours, though, can start to play games with your mind. The in-between of uncertainty can either drive you mad or it can help train you. However militant that sounds, grit is easily a mother’s companion when you cling to what is true versus clinging to what may happen.

Here are some practices that have helped me through many uncertain seasons as a mother:

  • Prayer
  • Surround yourself with “uplifters” (people who encourage you)
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Sing out loud (no matter how you sound)
  • Watch a funny show
  • Think on what is true versus catastrophizing
  • Do breathing exercises, preferably outside (fresh air)
  • Talk it out with a trusted person
  • Remember you’re not alone
  • Cry (always ok)

Through my second pregnancy, my recent experience in the ER, and even during my prior experience with my firstborn in the hospital and his severe food allergies, I have found that some strategies help me more than others. We all may have our different strategies to deal with uncertainty in our lives, what is yours? Share in the comments below for another fellow momma!