Three Things to Do after a Move to Colorado Springs


When we moved to Colorado Springs for work, I didn’t think through the timing of how close the holidays would be upon us as we unpacked boxes and attempted to feel settled. Christmas saw our stockings hung by the mantle with care. But, the rest of life felt disorderly—halfway unpacked or still in boxes. We made it through the holiday rush and spent most of January getting our bearings and finding our way around town. This wasn’t our first move, but it was our first time residing here. I learned some valuable lessons and offer three things to do after a move to Colorado Springs.

Grab a Library Card

One of our first outings was to the local branch of the Pikes Peak Library District. We picked up our library cards and an introduction to the wonderful library system that is great for families, and especially young children. Librarians were friendly and helpful to answer our questions. We were introduced to a wonderful variety of services including the programs and classes for kids. We also learned about the Educational Resource Center (ERC)—a perfect indoor outing on snowy days. The Pikes Peak Culture Pass provided a list of local museums and attractions that we could visit (many for free or at a discounted rate) to learn more about our new community.

Venture Outside

Even in winter temperatures and with snow on the ground, we were beckoned outdoors by the warm sunshine. We found peace as we breathed in the Colorado air and explored the beauty of the area. A first stop included Garden of the Gods. We also enjoyed a quick trip to nearby Woodland Park. Equally inviting were the regional parks, including Fox Run Regional Park and Black Forest Regional Park. And the many neighborhood and community parks sprinkled throughout the city are fun to explore. Breathing some fresh air and stretching our legs gave us just what we needed to feel at home and look for more ways to explore this beautiful area.

Take Time to Volunteer

My time was limited—and still is—to give to a significant volunteer role. However, I was able to quickly connect with other parents by volunteering one evening a week at a kids’ program that my children attend. Volunteering gave me a weekly outing to look forward to and a way to talk with “locals” for questions. I could afford one evening a week to volunteer and see my kids get plugged into a community of their peers. Check this link for some volunteer suggestions if you need a place to start.

I still have much to learn about this community. I can’t wait to explore more of what the region has to offer. And I am excited for more holiday memories and family times that will be created in the years to come. There are such great opportunities to visit local attractions, the great outdoors, and serve the community with others.

If you recently made the move to Colorado Springs, what lessons did you learn in your first six months?


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