My Unforgettable Ragnar Race in Colorado’s Mountains


Ragnar RaceAre you passionate about camping and running? Are you up for a thrilling adventure that involves pushing your limits while connecting with fellow enthusiasts? If so, I’ve got an extraordinary opportunity to share with you! It’s called the Ragnar Trail Race!

Discovering the Ragnar Race

This past summer, I had the privilege of ticking off a significant item from my bucket list – participating in my inaugural Ragnar Trail race amidst the stunning landscapes of Colorado’s majestic mountains. For the uninitiated, Ragnar stands as a renowned nationwide community of relay runners. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Snowmass, CO, during a captivating June weekend, this event brings together a team of your closest seven companions or even newfound friends you might discover online. Together, you embark on a relentless 24-hour journey, trading off between three distinct loops. And when your turn isn’t upon you to conquer the trail, you’re free to luxuriate in the comfort of compression chairs, relish delectable offerings from food trucks, enjoy movies by colossal campfires, or catch some well-deserved rest at your campsite.

Embracing Challenges and Commaraderie

For quite some time, a Ragnar trail had been etched onto my list of aspirations. The thrill of race day coupled with the allure of a relaxed yet celebratory atmosphere populated by kindred spirits of the outdoors – my extroverted side couldn’t contain its joy. From the instant we arrived at our designated campsite, festivity was in the air. Each team went all out, adorning their sites with imaginative themed decorations. The race itself was a constant spectacle, with runners continuously dashing along the trails. Cheers resounded for teammates completing their loops while encouragement filled the air for those venturing out on their runs.

Conquering the Loops

My first loop led me along the intermediate path, a daytime endeavor. The route featured a moderate elevation ascent that culminated in a series of engaging switchbacks. The panoramic vista of Snowmass Village and its encircling peaks greeted me at the summit, making the exertion entirely worthwhile.

My second loop (deemed the “easy” option), kicked off around midnight, introducing the element of darkness to the challenge. Armed with my trusty headlamp, I embarked on this nocturnal journey along the mountainside. While the elevation was more manageable, I approached the uneven terrain with care. The nocturnal landscape was enchanting; I even took a moment to switch off my headlamp and immerse myself in the play of lights – from stars to distant houses and the bobbing headlamps of fellow runners. A cherished memory etched in my running adventures.

The final lap was the demanding route, traversing the spine of a neighboring range. Though arduous, the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of multiple mountain ranges and valley peaks made every step worthwhile.

Participating in a Ragnar race is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’m eager to relive. A solid 10/10, and I can’t wait to do it all over again.



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