A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooling Family


Have you ever heard someone say “this is our homeschooling rhythm” and you were curious what they were talking about? Well I’m here to help explain!


When I say rhythm, I’m referring to how our day flows. You may be surprised that as I homeschool my two girls, we do not follow a typical schedule.  One of the biggest perks of homeschooling in Colorado is having flexibility. I would also like to point out that we homeschool year-round. Yes, you read that right. More to come on another day, but basically teaching year-round leaves us a lot of time to take breaks.

Daily rhythms for each family will always differ. They may change month to month, season to season, as your child gets older, etc. I’m here to tell you we take full advantage of our ability to be flexible with what we do each day. Some days, my girls wake up ready to learn, and stay in PJs until their first brain break. Other days, they are ready to play first thing in the morning and schooling doesn’t start until 10 or 11am. With different weather patterns we alternate where we conduct school which also changes our daily rhythm. I hope by now you see the pattern…flexibility is KEY.

Daily Rhythm

  • 7-8am Wake up (morning chores and make breakfast)
  • 8-9am Morning work (eat breakfast while completing calendar, review previous units)
  • 9-10am Brain break (vest treatment for our daughter with Cystic Fibrosis and get dressed)
  • 10-11am Core subjects (Math, Reading, Writing, Language Arts)
  • 11-12pm Brain break (play outside, or with any toys in their loft area)
  • 12-1pm Lunch (if it is nice enough, we eat outside—we love any chance to be outdoors)
  • 1-2pm Unit study (every two weeks we have a different topic we focus on and dig deeper, I allow my girls to choose many of these themes)
  • 2-3pm Brain break (back outside if its nice enough)
  • 3-4pm Quiet reading time (we all get cozy in our home library)
  • 5-6pm Dinner time
  • 7-8pm Family time (walk, puzzle making, game, dance party)
  • 8-9pm Bedtime routines

Now, to be transparent, we focus on flexibility in our family; this rhythm is in constant rotation and can often look completely different. I try my best to keep us focused but in no way do I allow my girls to become stressed about our rhythm. Some days, we take field trips during the week to take advantage of others still being in school, which sometimes adds some schoolwork to our Saturdays. We also take family trips during the school year and always find a way to add educational and life skill experiences.

I hope by reading this article you are left inspired to allow more flexibility into your life. Perhaps it’s also left you a bit more curious about how these homeschooling days really look. Have any other questions about our rhythm? Comment down below or follow our journey on IG @jones.family.tribe. I can’t wait to hear from you lovely mamas!   


  1. Love taking a peek into your daily rhythm… I love that brain breaks are used through the day. Great idea!

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