Do you hear that siren call? Come…Volunteer in Your Child’s Classroom….


It’s that time of year again, back to school. If you have school aged children, you are hearing the siren call of every school, teacher, PTA and school organization….Come volunteer with us!

Why Should I Volunteer?

Kristin S. Sirens at schoolWhile you certainly don’t have to (unless you belong to a school that requires it), volunteering is just that-Voluntary! There are, however, some benefits short and long term. My oldest still brings up the time I volunteered in her classroom. She was new to the school and community, and I think she liked seeing my face once a week at school (oh how times have changed!). I think for her it gave us another connection. For me, I got to know her teacher better which was a big plus as we struggled with schoolwork.

When my next child started school, I got much more involved. I was the room mom for a few years. It was a lot of fun to plan class parties, and the bonus for me was meeting some of the other moms and kids in his class. I got to make new friends and see who his friends were!

In one school I ran the Box Tops program, in another I had a (very!) brief stint on the PTA board. These are other ways to get involved with your child’s school. While they don’t involve classroom time, they help you get an idea of how things are run in your child’s school. You become more visible and everyone in the school will know your name!!

Kristin VolunteerVolunteering doesn’t have to mean major time at school. Many teachers are very grateful for volunteers to cut things out at home, or other tasks that can be done at night after the children go to sleep. Or a PTA very happy to have someone that can make phone calls or organize data in a spreadsheet. If you want to be involved, no matter your skills or availability, there is a job you can do to contribute and participate that would be appreciated.

Not all Moms Are Meant To Volunteer

If volunteering isn’t your thing, that’s okay. It’s wonderful to be a mom that donates the goodies for the class party instead of her time. Or the mom that buys something cool at the PTA silent auction-something that shows your child you care about their school. Because that is their place. It’s special to them, so you want to show that it’s special to you too.

Where Can I Sign Up??

Kristin S. SirensMy daughter would talk for years about my volunteer days in her 1st grade class. I cut papers and letters for the teacher. I think it was the only job she trusted me with! I only occasionally saw my daughter. Sometimes just a wave as I went to the supply room to work-but she knew I was there, and it meant the world to her.

For me, I liked being a part of something. I made friends that I might not have met otherwise. It helped me connect with other moms.  I really believe whether your child sees you or not, they really like knowing you are at the school and helping out. So, for the next one, I’ll be there again!!

Are there ways that you like to get involved with your child’s school? What do you like to do to support your school?

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Kristin, Senior Writer
Once Upon A Time, in another life, Kristin graduated from the University of Michigan with a plan to teach high school math. But then, life happened when she wasn’t looking…. She married an Army guy and 23 years, 3 kids, a few dogs, 7 homes, and 2 continents later she’s now a single mom living here in Colorado Springs. Along the way she volunteered for the Army, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and several schools; managed volunteer organizations, coached judo, trained to be a whitewater rafting guide, biked down Pike’s Peak and even managed to teach some high schoolers a little math before forging new trails writing, teaching and financial planning. She never knows what’s coming around the bend, but she’s learned to handle whatever life (and the Army!), throws at her with a smile and a laugh. She’s pretty sure you can get through anything with those, even if you have to fake it occasionally!!